What are the Disadvantages of Buying Facebook Likes?

by krbshg
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People Buy Page Likes to generate traffic but do it really works?
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    No, it doesn't.
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    The people are not engaged that are liking your page..which means it could cost more to advertise to.losds of people who cpuld care less..also organic views of your posts will be thinned out to these fake likers

    Its better to have 1000 engaged people who want to be there thsn 100000 who are just a number

    Facebook analytics weighs more on engagement than likes
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    Buying likes always sounds a weird concept to me because I have a gut feel a lot of them are fake likes from what I have seen. I prefer real likes with better engagement.
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    Many times the likes you are buying aren't even real.

    It's not always the case...

    Yet there's plenty of better ways to getting likes to your page.
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    The big problem with many of these automated marketing services such as Facebook likes, backlinks services etc is that with time, these strategies always backfire and you will end up having your website blacklisted for spam by search engines and review sites...
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    Buying likes doesn't work out because most of these likes are fake likes. They don't convert and they'll mess up your analytic.

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    Buying LIKES has no benefit on traffic, engagement or reach of the page. Usually, such LIKES disappear after a days or so. And if one uses such abhorred services again and again, they may be subjected to ban from FB as well.
    People generally buy FB Likes to augment "social proof" of their page i.e. having huge likes imparts good impression unto others. However, the ones who have even basic understanding of FB do know that instead of FB, there is another important metric that connotes success or failure of a page and thats PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THIS.
    If PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT this of a page is good, it means the page is performing well, has attracted the right users and that the page's likes are not fake.
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      I agree, I once bought likes from Fiverr before, but they turned out to be fake likes. NO engagement on my FB page at all even if it says that it has '500people reached'. For now, I'm using PPC on FB. My objective is to get more likes through my ad. My ad got 5.30% CTR. Does anyone of you here know when is the best time to boost a post? Is there such a certain number of likes to reach before it is best to boost my post? Any insights about this guys?
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      Buying FB likes and expecting traffic that converts is like expecting paid to surf exchanges to work for anything except promoting paid to surf programs.

      You can pump up your FB likes in the short term, but your engagement is not going to rise.

      If you are going to "buy" likes, do so by buying ads and targeting fans of pages similar to yours.

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    Good point michael..buying likes via facebook marketingvsystem is best
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    I agree with you all that Engagement is the key role of Facebook likes. Thanks for the comments
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    Paid Likes are maximum fake and dead no use of it. Its always better to do little hard work and generate original likes with real people
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    From what I know, buying likes is frowned upon anyway. So, it's literally a waste of your money. They're not real anyway, and also, fake likes do not drive traffic to your main website...
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    not really,it might give an illusion of trust (nobody wants to be the first like of a page)

    but these likes are all fake, and won't benefit you in any other way!
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      Originally Posted by QueenMelanie View Post

      not really,it might give an illusion of trust (nobody wants to be the first like of a page)
      It's true, but it's still frowned upon.
      I think a better idea would simply asking your FB friends to like your page. Even if they don't care about the topic of your page, at least they're real likes.
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    The ONLY way I would consider that is if they were going to be my specific target market -- Unfortunately,you won't find those... so why not "buy authentic likes" by posting an eye-catching image with amazing content... and then you promote that post targeting EXACTLY who you want to target?
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    There is nothing wrong with buying Facebook Fans, sometime its just about seeing your profile active, or having X amount of likes, people assume that you/your company is very active and thus considering it authoritative.
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  • Profile picture of the author Insano
    Veritasium has made a case study not long ago:
    Seems like most of the bought likes come from clickfarms from india, philipines or similar low wage countries...
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    Doing a Facebook like campaign via Facebook "Promote Page" campaigns are not fake fans. These are targeted people that like similar pages seeing that you target "interests".
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      Originally Posted by wentzco View Post

      Doing a Facebook like campaign via Facebook "Promote Page" campaigns are not fake fans. These are targeted people that like similar pages seeing that you target "interests".
      If Veritasium is to be believed, and I have no reason not to, it is enough to check what other things your paid "likes" have liked in the past and see that the structure of their interest is un-natural.

      And on the other hand (unles the system is fixed by now) The chance that your content is shared / liked by genuine users from your targeted audience is going down, due to those unorganic likes...

      Anyway, watch the video
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  • Profile picture of the author MrErickson
    I don't think buying facebook likes will bring anything to you other than having those likes. There maybe a lot of likes but there will be no engagement and no traffic for your site as well. And if you have really good content I think having to buy the likes will put the hard work you put on your content to waste.
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  • Profile picture of the author turboshandy
    Maybe the only reason why you should buy likes is to get to the first 30. The page is not visible in search results if you have less than 30 likes. But if you can get there by inviting your friends to like your page, then don't waste your money.
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  • Profile picture of the author alxtatik
    Don't make it a priority to buy or get likes. Make it a priority to post and share quality content that your audience loves. The likes will come as your audience starts to engage with your content more and more and Facebook will reward you by extending your organic reach.
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  • Profile picture of the author lolmoney
    You can buy the likes, sure... But later on be prepared to spend money each time you want to reach all your fans. Facebook has gone mad, back in the they it used to be great for business. Now? It is a huge struggle, I would recommend you try other social media platforms.

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    6 words: Bought likes don't translate to engagement
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    Believe it or not, fan pages do matter for large brands. People do not convert on posts sharing on fan page, but they do know your brand and are more inclined towards buying your products than the people who are seeing your brand name for the first time.
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  • Profile picture of the author irfanmaverick
    I believe that instead of opting for illicit and abhorred practices of buying facebook likes, one should develop skills to master FB ads to generate as good results as one can get by buying facebook likes. There is no limit to optimizing Facebook ads results. Besides, the users that you acquire via FB Likes are targeted, interested in your product/niche and this is what matters. Lesser community but a focused one is much better than an elephantine community with impassive outlook unto you.
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  • Profile picture of the author yordanov
    Well, buying FB likes is a bit risky these days, because FB can BAN your profile soon. It is better to make a good and targeted advertisement for page likes. You may learn how to peach $0.01-0.03 for like and this likes will be 90 % real and active and will bring you traffic in future.
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    Buying FB likes hurts you in a very big way. As others have said the likes are almost always fake. Combine this with Facebook's declining organic reach issue and you have a problem. If you have 10k fans and you post to FB maybe 2k people will see the post. If you have a large FB page then you may only reach 2% - 5% of those fans. If your audience is mostly fake then you are almost never going to reach real people.

    The data says it is better to have a small community of real and active people than a huge community of "made up" fans.
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    • Profile picture of the author Terry Papas
      If you mean buying likes from sites such as fiverr etc, no it doesn't work for bringing traffic since most of the times - if not all - these are fake likes. An advantage of doing this though is that 'real' people will be more likely to like your page if they see it has a lot of likes already since they won't be really able to know that those likes aren't real.

      Otoh if you mean promoting your fb page to get more likes using fb ads then this could partially work if done right but still it's not really worth it to get likes this way either cause fb reach has dropped a lot lately so even if you have thousands of real likes most of those people won't ever see your posts unless you pay fb to boost them.

      So i'd advice you to simply use fb ads to promote your product/site etc instead of wasting yout time and money trying to grow your fb likes. Hope this helps.
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  • Profile picture of the author krbshg
    I Know How to get Fake likee, I even tried it but it is worthless.
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  • Profile picture of the author roneidaselva
    Buying likes are really not a good technique to increase the traffic to your website. You will not get potential customers to your website. Most of likes will be fake and unrelated countries.
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  • Profile picture of the author miklanderson2
    I laugh to myself every single time I see that video about Facebook likes. I've bought a lot of likes from Facebook and monitor my likes carefully and I've never seen anything remotely close to what that video shows. Don't believe everything you read or see. Instead, test it out yourself and see what your results are...

    "A bargain is something you don’t need at a price you can’t resist."
    -Franklin Jones

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  • Profile picture of the author KiethJohnson
    No. Buying facebook like will not help you. Yess you do have a lot of facebook like but still no one reads your posts. There's no real engagement. No real engagement = no use.
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  • Profile picture of the author Allset800
    Obviously, paying for Facebook likes comes with plenty of disadvantages, including the following.

    You’re not generating content for real people
    There’s no interaction
    They don’t stick around
    You don’t learn anything

    All I can say it is totally useless
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  • Profile picture of the author joshzyerburg
    I believe that as a company / website, you should use Twitter. Why would one want to use Facebook anyway? I'd only use it for advertisement to get traffic to my website WITHOUT creating any page.
    If your page has clear fake likes, Facebook might close it. And they are good at that.
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  • Profile picture of the author Anthonycuevas
    It depends upon the service from where you are buying a Facebook likes for generating traffic....
    If they are delivering you the active accounts in which weekly there is some activities are happening, then selecting it for boosting your traffic is the best option.

    But, on another case, it also have some disadvantages, if you buy an inactive accounts.
    That means, there will be no engagements, no postings or discussions which directly effect your account and it looks like a fake one.

    Therefore, if you are buying Facebook like from a good service provider who provides you all the active accounts then it is one of the best way to get or to increase traffic.
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