How to Get More Facebook Like Easily?

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I have created new facebook page. I want to get more FB likes for my Own Page. Please Suggest me some Ideas.

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    share for shares, promote your page, addmefast..
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    Use your personal fb account to send requests to all your friends inviting them to like your fb page.
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    When creating a new page, this is what I do:

    1. Run a facebook ad targeting my audience/people who like my competitors til I get 100-150 likes. Usually costs around $30-50 depending on my niche.

    2. While ad is running, post a LOT of good content for the niche. Share posts by others, original content, etc.

    3. Log in as the page and start answering questions, liking and commenting on posts on similar pages - if you find a few inactive ones that still have a number of fans, post to their page, look for unanswered/ignored questions and comments, etc.

    4. Post relevant content on the page 2-3 times a day (or as often as I can). Try to encourage comments and sharing.

    Repeat all the above over and over. This won't get you thousands of likes fast, but it will build your target audience with people actually interested in your page/content/niche.

    Owner of & 20+ Niche Online Stores as well as and other sites. Recommended Host: Evolve

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      Before you buy any Facebook PPC for advertisements, make sure that your contents are very interesting to the eyes of your viewers. Good graphics, clean, and good contents are what customers like.

      Good luck!
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    Firstly, congratulations on taking the decision to setup your Facebook Page. I would suggest you to firstly do the following:
    1. Brand the page properly e.g. display picture, cover photo, description, about sections
    2. Install important apps germane to your website/niche
    3. Post atleast 10-15 content on the page
    4. Invite your friends initially to like your page. Depending upon your social circle, you may get some likes in hundreds
    5. Look for Facebook Groups/Pages which are active for S4S i.e. Share for Share. i.e. you will share their content and they will share yours. By this way, you will get some likes
    6. Post your Facebook Page's content in groups relevant to your niche. The content should be informative and not officious
    7. Add a signature in your email, business card about your Facebook Page. Mention it in your Facebook Page.
    8. Use popups in your website prompting the users to like your Facebook Page
    9. Use Facebook LIKE widgets in your website.
    10. Use LIKE gateways on your website.
    11. Reach out to admin of other pages to share your page's content with their audience (provided your content resonates with their audience)

    these are some of the organic ways to grow LIKES on your Facebook Page! Hope this helps!
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    Originally Posted by cinehub24x7 View Post

    I have created new facebook page. I want to get more FB likes for my Own Page. Please Suggest me some Ideas.

    1. Join groups relevant to your niche.
    2. Make your friends like your page and share it on their walls.
    3. Post as much as possible and use hashtags
    4. Share images, videos or valuable contents.
    5. Engage. Like, share and comment.

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    Don't ever buy likes as they won't be useful. Build them organically. First build a good page then regularly update it with good content. For increasing likes, use targeted ads. You can also run contents, and put like button on your blog or website too. Invite all your friends (that's the obvious one )

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    You should post unique and interesting content as often as possible.
    Your posts should be suggestive.
    Some tips:
    1. Post during “non-busy” hours(8PM-7AM)
    2.To improve engagement it is best to publish on Wednesdays and Sundays
    3. Use an eye-catching image in your post
    4. Keep posts simple and short
    5. If possible, share offers or coupons
    6. Include a call to action button in your image. If not possible, add the text at the end of your post
    7. Ask questions - asking a question is a great way to get more comments and visibility.
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    First of all, invite your friends (facebook friends, but also offline friends) to like your page.
    Also, install a plugin on your website, so visitors can like the fanpage from over there as well. And post quality content on your Fb. page, search engines will see it.
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    Share the content you post on your Facebook page to others that will be interested in it.

    It's great to share it with friends, but think really hard of what your Facebook page is all about.

    What niche does it target?

    When you have that answer then go find out where that audience hangs out and start sharing your posts with them.

    If you're posts are interesting and truly targeted then they will engage with it and eventually like it as well as your page.

    Just stay consistent with it and keep in mind, that once your audience likes your posts and Facebook page they will begin to have certain expectations from you...don't let them down.

    Show them you care and you'll get rewarded for it!
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    Create a fan page in facebook, and invite your friends to like the post and provide informative posts in the page, share the links through email, Twitter, Fb etc.,.,.
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    Find events that are happening around your Niche
    Get creative, post a viral picture (jokes, meme,entertainment) and video clips
    Be consistent, post every day
    Invest , at least $1/day boosting your post.
    If your post is viral enough , you will get massive Likes to your page

    Online entrepreneur
    Social Media guru

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    And by all means, get into Facebook ads. The type of results in term of velocity and effectiveness that you get via Facebook ads are unrivaled.
    If you know your customers, know how to run targeted ads, the results can be amazing.
    If you are hesitant, try starting off with a facebook coupon. It will alleviate the hesitation that many people have when expediting to new Ad network.
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