Just had Facebook Ad account disabled last night...am I screwed for FB?

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So I was out most of the day yesterday, when I returned at night, I found this message in my ads manager:

"Your ads account has recently been flagged because of unusual activity. For security reasons, any ads you're running will be paused until you can confirm your account information by contacting Facebook."

I have the account under a nickname of mine and not my legal name, but it's been like that for a few years or so. Started advertising with Facebook in mid-October and the credit card on file belongs to me(although it doesn't seem to be on file anymore). No other info in the account though, so not sure if that's what set things off. On the "contact Facebook" link, here's a link to screenshot of the questions that I see:

2015-02-01_0954 - mbomb's library

I did also notice this message on the billing page:

"Your account has been disabled. All of your ads have been stopped and should not be run again on the site under any circumstances. Generally, we disable an account if too many of its ads violate our Terms of Use or Advertising Guidelines. Unfortunately we cannot provide you with the specific violations that have been deemed abusive. Please review our Terms of Use and Advertising Guidelines if you have further questions."

and received an email with this message at the same time:

"It looks like your ad account was used to create ads that violate Facebook's Advertising Guidelines. Facebook's policies protect everyone on Facebook and help make it a good experience. As a result, your ad account has been permanently disabled.
Here's why your account was disabled:


The Facebook Ads Team

All that I'm doing with the account is using it to drive traffic to an automotive related site with picture and content galleries listing things like, "The most expensive cars in the world", or "The Fastest Porsches of all time". The galleries are a mix of pictures and content with anywhere from 1000-2000 words and monetized with links to display ads. I bid on website on clicks to website.

I've have about 6 or so campaigns running out of about 20 or so that I've tested, with a few different ad sets within each. the ads will say something like, "Check out 20 of the quickest cars" or "19 of the most ridiculously expensive cars for true ballers", etc.

I've had maybe 2 ads disapproved about a month or so ago, but that's it. I do log in from a few different locations, since I also log in at work and go to my gf's place every other weekend in a town a few hours from mine. Anything I can do to get things going again? Thanks.

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    Not necessarily, many people get their FB ad accounts deleted all the time. It happened to me a couple of times when I used it for CPA marketing but I just made a new one and carried on as usual. You must have done something against the TOS so I suggest reading it and seeing what you should and should not do.
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      Thanks for responding. Should I go through their verification process where I describe my ad campaigns and answer their questions? Btw, how were you able to setup a new account?
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    Well, so far so good, this is a nationwide bug and i think that something is in the offing here. Something is not just right with this whole shit by facebook. I have even tried setting up 3 accounts and they were all disabled too
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    Reading the Facebook Advertising Terms will give you the clarification of your problem.
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    i have same problem with my Ad account and they decide to disabled it
    i have on this ad account more than 500 campaigns !! lol
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    This usually happens when they sense some anomaly in payment method i.e.
    1. Either your FB account isn't that old and you tried to add payment method
    2. Either the payment method you are trying to add is from another country.
    3. Either the owner's name of payment method is different from your profile name.

    And rarely does Facebook recover the disabled accounts. I've had similar bad experiences like these multiple times.
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    Just move on. They will not activate your accoun back. And dont upload your id.
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    You violated some TOS of the facebook, it happened with me too some days ago trying to promote one CPA offer...

    Create another account!
    Unlimited Bing Ads $50 Coupon Method Only $10

    Skype: luiz.domains
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    Yes it happened to me last week, and from what I can gather and research there is little chance of getting your ad account back so you either have to find another traffic source or make a new account and risk the same happening.

    Sorry, but unless your ad budget is $1M + per month then they are not likely to even talk to you.
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    Its highly unlikely if you go above and beyond to contact them that you will even get a reply due to the fact FaceBook support is virtually non existent.
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      Same problem here
      How did you guys work it out?

      I have read of lot of people than has activated another account just to see it blocked again. I also read all the stuff about changing IP but does not seem like the real solution.

      Is that it? If one of your account get flagged no way to work it around? If you open a new account they bock also that?

      I would really like to understand what is the real issue here because referring to TOS means everything and nothing at the same time (since they can interpreted as they prefer - plus it seems it is a computer flagging the account not a real human being).
      I got flagged in an account where I was simply collecting leads... CPA offer was way ahead in the email sequence.

      Somebody can shed some real light onto this?
      Simply goodbye Facebook and welcome another traffic source?
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  • Or course if you open a new account with the same name, or related and inmediately start to creating ads promoting the same domain or the same type of ads, it does not matter you do from different ip they will close your new account..

    They just will ban you again. Also if you spend a few bucks per month then they will no consider you as a valuable advertiser. They see you like someone spamming users.
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      Ok for a while FB will sleep.

      On the back end I was having a CPA offer but nothing really connected to the landing page. Category Dating/marriage.

      - Privacy, terms and contact where links working properly
      - Classic landing page to collect lead (I was split testing with a video landing)

      For what FB know I was collecting lead to then sell them my ebook.

      The only Real Issue that I see was on the fact that I was using another account (3 months old) simply because I wanted to separate my Private FB (legit and years old) from my FB ad account (New and dedicated only to ads).

      Do you think the mistake was there?

      Notification was this:

      It looks like your ad account was used to create ads that violate Facebook's Advertising Guidelines. Facebook's policies protect everyone on Facebook and help make it a good experience. As a result, your ad account has been permanently disabled.
      Here's why your account was disabled:

      User Trust
      Ads may not promote a business model or practice that is deemed by Facebook in its sole discretion to be unacceptable or contrary to Facebook's overall advertising philosophy or to any applicable law, including but not limited to ad content that creates distrust with users.
      All claims in ads must be adequately substantiated. Any offers promoted within an ad must not be false, deceptive or misleading or contain spam. Ads must not contain or promote illegal products or services. Ads must not offend or violate the rights of any third parties.
      Ads must clearly represent the company, product, service or brand that is being advertised. Products and services promoted in the ad copy must be clearly represented on the landing page, and the destination site may not offer or link to any prohibited product or service. Additionally, ads can't suggest false relevancy to generic offers.

      I want to understand in a way not to do the same mistake again but the more I check the landing the less I understand the reason. Any input? Is in general dating/marriage a no no?

      Last thing is... can I use my aged Facebook account for advertising (not this offer) confidently or should I wait or what? Until they block me that account no problem but I want to keep alive and healthy my other ad account.

      Any help/suggestions.. highly appreciated
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