What's your #1 Frustration on LinkedIn (and we'll post the solution)

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Hi Warriors,

doing some research and I'd love some fellow Warriors advice and savvy.

SO if you can post your #1 Problem/Frustration/Confusion about using LinkedIn here and I will do my best to answer it for you, OR I'm sure another Warrior will jump in with the goods.

Great way for me to do some research and the benefit for you and everyone else is that we'll answer your question and solve your problem. Sweet deal, huh?

Please post in the following format:
"I wish I... on LinkedIn"

So for me, it used to be "I wish I had more high quality connections on LinkedIn". If I get a few responses I'll share some of the ways I now have it building at over 1,000 HQ connections per month (without using software).

Thanks everyone!
So what do you want to know?

"I wish I... on LinkedIn"
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    I wish it didn't send me so much work to do

    I have a way of getting 20 000 contacts in a day but I find the 14 000 I have enough to handle.
    I am however greatly interested in this post for educational purposes
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      Hey Andrew,

      sounds pretty powerful. I just checked out your profile. Nicely done... 30,000+ endorsements. Matches your SEO brand well.

      Very different style to me, but sounds awesome. I'm sure a lot of people will be interested in what you're doing... I sure am.

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    Thanks Dave I look forward to reading this thread
    I am still happy to learn trick tips etc
    I normally rank number one on all of linkedin for search engine optimization

    I am the most endorsed on linkedin (strange an seo expert can do that)

    My profile is looking a bit sad I will go after terms like lead generation and web developer when I get a chance
    Andrew (I link therefore I
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    I admit I don't understand LinkedIn as much as I would like to and I am a writer/editor/proofreader so my question is how best to user it to get more work?
    I don't want a generic answer as I have read numerous answers and I still don't fully understand it (no, I am not thick, either.)

    Cheers, Laurence. Writer/Editor/Proofreader.
    Visit my site for more info

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      Originally Posted by laurencewins View Post

      I admit I don't understand LinkedIn as much as I would like to and I am a writer/editor/proofreader so my question is how best to user it to get more work?
      I don't want a generic answer as I have read numerous answers and I still don't fully understand it (no, I am not thick, either.)
      Hey Laurencwins,

      thanks for the question. I'll put forward my suggestions, but I know there are a lot of LinkedIn ninjas on this forum. Would be great if anyone who disagrees or who has something (else/better) to add jumps in.

      And agreed - over the generic answers... change your profile photo etc. etc.

      Let me give you a real example and a suggestion. I was approached by a photographer on LinkedIn by message. She contacted me because I had a crappy photo (problem), and she offered me a solution (catch-up first/not a straight sale). I then checked out her profile (which was great), website (also excellent) and then decided to meet up with her. By the time I met with her I could see that she was an expert and could help me. We met for a coffee, had a chat about what was needed. The next week she then took all of my profile photos.

      She does this consistently and gets good work but photos are fairly high margin and it's easy to spot those who need help.

      So she prospected and targeted well. She also didn't go straight for the sale.

      >> Now I'm not suggesting such a cold approach for you.

      But my thoughts would be (if you are not already):
      1. Write your profile in an extremely targeted way (aimed just for your target market). Name, headline and summary will be the most relevant

      2. Include samples of your work and all that jazz (100% complete, All-Star level etc)

      The aim is to quickly build Authority, Social Proof and Trust whenever a potential customer/prospect looks at your profile.

      So you need photos, work samples and recommendations are an important part of the trust/credibility piece. If you have less than 10 recommendations, I'd aim for more like 20 (at least).

      3. Connect with as many people in your target market as possible. Simply by your professional headline you may get some interest. Either way you can build relationships with them later on and put them into some kind of sales/outreach funnel.

      At a basic level it starts to build a min-database of potential prospects.

      4. At the point of connection, IF they match your target market well (check out their profile to assess), contact them with a non-pushy first step. They will be more receptive at this point of time than if you hit them out-of-the blue a month later.

      It could be to let them know you work with that niche, offer an analysis/assessment or some kind of non-threatening first step. Build rapport, trust and connection. If they need what you provide (like I did with the photographer), they will check out your profile and your site. If that pulls them in, they will reply.

      5. It helps to be top of mind as an expert. That's where updates/publishing will help you. Questions engage the most and anytime you can generate a discussion will do best. So if you have a targeted network of connections, who see engaging feeds that remind them that you are a copywriting boss. That will help. It's a higher effort strategy, but if you can repurpose from other social channels why not. If people ask me for a recommendation, to be honest, I often think of people that have been the most active and visible.

      So your copywriting skills should come in very handy.

      Think of your profile like a 24/7 sales page with some personality. [Professional Headline = your hook point/headline] Summary=Body. Hi I am..., I solve X for Y (engagement/targeting). Here's the proof. Insert testimonials (AKA recommendations), if you are Y and you need X then CTA (email/call/website/1st-step).

      So those are 5 points that I think might help. What do you think?

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