800 fb ad impressions, 0 clicks, 0 conversions, harsh criticism welcomed please :)

by KingK
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First off, I welcome all and any advice because my main goal is to just get this right. My idea officially sucked.

My ad is posted below as an attachment or at this address: http://screencast.com/t/2pgPN6cOiBPG/

Im sure the ad hasn't been working because
1. The image isn't captivating enough or too childish
2. bad copywriting (by me)

Also, I targeted 22 - 50 year olds in USA, Canada, UK, Australia that are also fans of Tony Robbins. I figured that people who liked his page would also be more likely to be looking for motivation

How can I structure this offer differently?

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  • I didn't read the ad just yet, but I will say one thing....

    That image you are using has been used way too many times in other marketing ads. It's an old photo that has been seen many times.

    Try looking for another stock photo that better conveys your message.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    You're too focused on the word motivation as if that were the end product. It isn't. It is the energy to help get a person from X to Y, with Y being some benefit. That is what I would focus on.

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      • Seems to spammy to me.
      • Copywriting is too long, spruce it up and make it to the point.
      • Needs a different image.
      • Your targeting is very broad. It needs to be tightened up.
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    first of all, what are you doing only testing one ad?

    If I were you I would create the same ad copywriting and demographics but different picture. Do that about 10-25 times. Once you have 10-25 ads that are the same but with a difference of only a different picture in the ad then,

    change the copywriting or headline or some targeting demographics and do the same thing as above.

    Find some high CTR ads and that will then lead to cheap CPC.

    Make sure the high CTR's and clicks don't fool you though. ROI is the only thing that really matters.

    The best thing you can do is put yourself out there.

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    I'm interested in motivation but I wouldn't click that. Create lasting motivation? Doesn't sound compelling enough.

    Probably would work better as a problem solver rather than a benefit.

    Like... How to eliminate the 5 biggest motivation killers and start living the life of your dreams.

    rather than

    Click here for lasting motivation.
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    First of all, you are in a very tough niche. And sorry to say but your ad is mediocre at best, actually it's pretty awful. There are thousands upon thousands of marketers competing against you with all levels of experience.

    You have to narrow down your niche (that's pretty obvious) but besides that, your ad copy needs to get out of the trenches.

    Nobody wants "lasting motivation" People want: "How to get my kids to do their homework and clean their rooms while I eat cookies and watch TV." They want "How to go out and party and be able to get my work done on time." All with proven results ofcourse.

    Don't write words like "wildest dreams" Ever. Instead give them actionable steps to get a specific goal achieve - not their wildest dreams.

    An "Impossible win?" I already have plenty of those, don't need anymore.

    This is just my opinion. You've done more work than most people will ever do in IM, and it's just a matter of getting better, tweaking, testing, and continuing to improve.

    Go for being an authority. Good luck.
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    • Let's start with the targeting, I see you want
      to target motivational gurus, since you are already
      using Tony, I'll make this example from that.

      Campaign: Tony Robbins - Us - Lead Gen - Man

      Ad sets
      - Man who like Tony Robbins between the ages of 21 - 26
      - Man who like Tony Robbins between the ages of 27 - 32
      - Man who like Tony Robbins between the ages of 33 - 38
      - Man who like Tony Robbins between the ages of 43 - 48

      FYI, that's just an example, I will assume you know your
      target audience, so you can properly target the interests, and
      ages for whatever you are promoting.

      Don't worry about making your audience big, start with a
      targeted audience, then when it is time to scale, go broad

      But the idea is to have block of 5 ages, similar to what FB
      does when they are doing their reporting.

      Up to 3 ads per ad set split testing headline, photo, copy.

      NO MORE than 3 ads per ad set, otherwise once one ad
      starts to get results, FB will focus on just that ad instead of
      all the others inside the same ad set.

      Then just duplicate the campaign and target woman too,
      again, if it is needed for whatever you're promoting.

      The reason why you should do it this way, it is because
      not all the ages will react the same way to your copy, so
      you may need to change some images or wording to adapt
      it to your target audience.

      Same with the gender, man and woman will respond different
      to your ad

      If you want some native images, use the ad manager and search
      for some images you can use for your ads when uploading
      your photo.

      BTW, your profile picture for that fanpage can be used as an ad
      image, the guy pushing up the rock will be 10X better than the one
      you're using at the moment. Just remove the ''impossible win'' text.

      Also, if it is possible, change your fanpage name to something more juicy,
      like if it was another headline. I.E. How to YAY Without BOO

      Now the ad creative.

      Your ad headline should be a question, if it is possible, a question
      that leads the reader to say ''YES'' and a question that can make them
      see the end result of what they want.

      For the ad copy, I see you're using one question, that's great, add another
      question for a total of 3 questions, all of them leading the user to say ''YES''
      and connect with the ad.

      If you find yourself short on characters, create a dark post using
      the power editor so you can properly fit your copy with the two
      questions + the call to action on what they get after clicking your ad

      You have some great examples of copy here already, so use that.
      *HINT* Chris Lee and Listhoven posts

      Besides this, there's also your funnel, but this should be enough
      to get them from FB to your funnel.

      If you're doing lead gen, or using the FB pixel, read this report
      I wrote for the War Room, it should give you a clear and more
      deep idea of how to do your FB campaigns
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    Don't target Tony Robbins
    You won't get much results, target a bigger audience
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    1.this photo isn't attractive enough、
    2.your targeting is too narrow
    3.your copywrite is too long and not appealing at all~

    Hope that you help you~

    Affiliate links are not allowed.

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    Narrow your audience a bit. What do you want to motivate people for? Motivation is a huge niche. Change the picture, and put it something a bit more specific and captivating. Something that depicts the whole concept.

    I think you're talking about motivation for following your dreams so this picture doesn't depict that. Pick a picture that really says a thousand word. Also change your sales pitch. Something like:
    Have you been feeling down and depressed. You have dreams, but you don't think that they can ever come true. Why bother trying. Well you're not alone who feels this way. Even people like Steve Jobs have been there, but they got over it. Here's how they got out of it.

    The above statement isn't certainly the best, you can do much better, but it depicts a proper target. Try something like that.

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      All of the above advice is great. Here's a different angle... pay less for your ads, so testing won't be so expensive and painful.

      If you use RTB DSPs, with a little digging you can find super cheap CPMs on well-known websites, including Facebook (see screenshot).

      I rarely pay more than $1 CPM for high-quality impressions ($2 CPM with Big Data audience targeting and retargeting).

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