Best way to setup social media sites for a client

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A client wants me to setup social profiles for their business on all of the top social media sites. I was planning on doing it like this, but want to know if it's the best way:
  • Create a new email using their business name (i.e.
  • Sign up for all social media sites using this email
  • Assign admin permissions to certain employees

The business is a mid-size business, so I didn't want to simply create social profiles within someone's pre-existing personal profile (i.e. facebook recommends adding your business page within your personal page)

Is this the correct way to set these up? Am I missing anything?

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    Set up a personal name within their business email system.
    Set up a Facebook account using that email address.
    Set up a business page using that personal account.

    You are not really supposed to have more than one personal account but if you are not a jerk about it, you should be OK. Don't use the social @ for setting up, the idea of social is to be social.

    The days of office @, admin @ manager @ are done with.

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