Focus on Facebook or use all social sites?

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I have been making facebook pages and adding people in my related field to build a decent following. Just over 1,200 freinds now. Is it a better use of my time to just continue building my network on Facebook only or should I join as many as possible and try to grow all my social profiles equally? The latter is proving to be very time consuming but if it's worth the effort I will continue.
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    I think Twitter and Facebook are the two that you absolutely must be using and building a presence on. So I would concentrate on those. There is software available that can allow you to post to more than one social media account at a time. The problem is that each platform really has to have it's own unique strategy to be successful. Something that is popular and gets shared on one platform may not work well on another. So while there is no harm in posting to more sites you really should concentrate on one or two.
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    Yes you will need to use all of the social media sites if you reall wanna make an impact.

    It also depends on what you goals are. If you just wanna create traffic to a site youtube and twitter are a must. I am not the biggest fan of facebook but if done right and if you have the right niche it can also help you.
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    Facebook is the most powerful social media networking website that generate traffic on your website and also create the brand awareness.
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    Originally Posted by AndrewAdamSmith View Post

    The latter is proving to be very time consuming but if it's worth the effort I will continue.
    That's exactly what it takes to build it...time...a whole lot of time. Unless you're willing and able to put some money into advertising that's the only way to grow. If you put the time and effort it will pay off just stick with it and don't give up. If you give up on your audience, your audience will give up on you.
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    Personally I think it's better not to put all your eggs in one basket. I know it can be hectic but invest time and build a page on all major social networks. I am sure you can work out a routine to reduce the time that you spend on social media.
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    Facebook is a popular social media website that can help in driving traffic to your website. Along with this you can also use other websites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. But, before using these social media websites you should about how to use them. Moreover, managing all these accounts requires time and efforts.
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    Facebook is a must.
    and if you have more time, build up Google + fan page.

    Online entrepreneur
    Social Media guru

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    If you have enough time you can focus on several socials. But it is OK to focus only to FB. You can get fantastic results if you know how to target cheap clicks or likes.
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    I wouldn't put all my eggs into one basket so to speak. FB changes the way its algo works as much as Google does these days. Twitter and Pinterest offer some direct marketing angles as well-

    My current project, the Uncorked Ventures Wine Club. More coming soon, here.

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    I'd say, focus on Facebook so you won't lose what you have already worked for and, when you get the chance, start focusing on other social media sites.
    All are OK, Google+, Twitter and everything already mentioned.
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    You should definitely diverse your social media profile however you should set a goal/limit for yourself on facebook and then move on to the next social media venture.

    Not unless you feel confident in building multiple profiles at once then you can should expand as necessary.
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    The main reason why people prefer Facebook is because of the user base it has. You shouldn't avoid any social networking platform that you think would drive traffic though. Who knows, even a visitor landed from Instagram might turn into a lead and becomes your customer

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    Facebook is the biggest platform for marketing. Social media sites are really effective for getting traffic. I think you need to focus on twitter too.
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    I can "manage' all of them but I like Facebook and Linkedin best

    Depends on your niche

    if you are in a visual , design , or style field - Pinterest is great

    events, nightlife, sports etc, if you go out and like selfies - Instagram

    Blog - tumblr (not my favorite) - they do say it gets good search engine rankings

    YouTube - seems to give good exposure, can adapt to many types of promotions

    Twitter? I don't personally like it but I hook it to facebook so posts become tweets
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    It mainly depends on the niche that you want to promote. Facebook works for targeted countries where we want to sell products. It takes to time to develop your network sites.
    Google plus is another network site that is going to be great in future, however still I can't find unfollower tool to remove unfollowers.
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