how to get target likes for your FB page?

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Beside post in target groups ,

any more suggestions?
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    If you're already using Facebook groups to get more targeted likes then use the same concept on other social media sites and funnel that traffic to your Facebook page.

    Start following people in your niche on Twitter and RT and engage with them. Add your FB page on your twitter profile.

    Get on youtube and start leaving comments on videos in your niche along with your link to your FB page.

    Get on Pinterest and find pictures that are related to what you post about on your page and start connecting with those people.

    Get on Google+ and start adding people to your circles that are in your niche and start sharing your posts with them.

    You can do this on as many social media platforms as you want. It's just a matter of taking what works in one platform and translating it to work on all the others.
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    Originally Posted by Devilfish168 View Post

    Beside post in target groups ,

    any more suggestions?
    U can use fb advertising and set target there......
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    Look into Facebook advertising. Otherwise, aside from posting on groups and stuff it's going to be hard.
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  • It would be helpful if you specify if you have a budget to spend on it or you ask for free methods to get targetef fans...
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  • If you know who actually your target is Facebook can help achieve your target.
    - you can select the demographic
    - the age of your target likes
    - the sex of your target likes etc.
    but don't just sell your like audience always. add value them too. and then audience can bring you more likes can bring you more likes by sharing your content
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      Log in with your facebook account and then use you page for commenting other facebook page ,groups and like other facebook pages for collecting real people there.Give 3-5 hours daily on your page and please comment others pages must.

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    Theirs a lot ways to do
    Comment on FB targeted pages using the page ID
    Comment on the blogs that offered to comment using FB ID.
    Always keep your FB page clean and updated with new posts.
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    Like the other members say, facebook ads is by far the most easy way to do that. Like TeKn1qu3z say commenting on pages can work very well.

    Another way is contacting fanpages owners to make a partnership.
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    Make a mixture of rich and unique content. Your content should be eye catching . Set a image to target interested people. Believe in your strength .Don't hesitate to take steps.
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    Why don't you promote your FB page with FB ads? That way you can target interests, demographics and everything you want to get targeted likes.

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    The quickest way is to promote it via Facebook ads to build a following then once it's big enough just slowly depend on the organic growth.

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    you can promote your Facebook page with Facebook is another way.
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    First of all you should get an appropriate name and your page should have useful content. To attract more people you should comment relevant topics everywhere.
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    You need to target according to the page theme like if it is of food items then you should promote on the food communities and food related pages.
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