How to monetize my Facebook Pages?

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I have Facebook page related to mobile shopping tips and discount offers. I am getting per day 30 to 40 likes organically and also I am getting regular enquiry about mobile , pricing.
Sometimes mobile shop dealers message me I need to open mobile store - do you provide shipping of mobile? how much minimum quantity do you ship? etc etc,

My question is how can i monetize my facebook page?
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    CPA to mobile/shopping is the first thing that comes to mind..
    Sending fans to a mini site with adsense is another route
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    I think you can install a tab on your facebook page
    i think its called Shopify
    look it up I think that might help

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    I'd look into getting some tabs setup.. At the same time, you could start getting some affiliate offers (or your own website URLs) going in different posts which will drive some traffic. Don't forget to use hashtags in all your status updates as well!
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    You can open up a facebook store, just look up Shopify, it's a commerce platform that will allow you to sell products via your Facebook page (or something like that). Just go to their website and you can register to try the platform for free for 2 weeks, see how it goes.
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    If you have a decent sized Facebook page (30k+ likes) you can promote content from LOLWOT and get paid for each visitor you send them.

    Check out their publisher website:
    LOLWOT – Publisher
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    You can run paid status, or you can drive traffic back to a website and run CPA offers.

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    Thank you all for the suggestions. Yes I am going to install few tabs and will look into shopify and how can I utilise these platform to monetise.
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    I have 1,500 fanpage fans and it is a legitimate one where I give music reviews. I have my blog auto post to my fanpage and FB showed my posts to 7 and 5 people yesterday. They are getting even tighter in who can see your posts. I'm almost done messing with FB. I'm going to look for a better platform.

    Of the paltry number of post views you get, you also have to get them to click through to your site and then take action. It is not a reliable method, in my opinion.
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    you monetize it by driving traffic to a website you own, and then either use affiliate program or sell stuff yourself
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      Originally Posted by christina21maria View Post

      you monetize it by driving traffic to a website you own, and then either use affiliate program or sell stuff yourself
      The question is, how do you get people from your fanpage to your blog or website? FB barely shows posts that have links to outside websites.
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    Try fiverr to monetize it
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    Actually, they do. But mostly only to fans who have been engaged and shown interest in your previous posts. Which is why it's so important to post great and relevant content on your page.
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    I know that the platform shopify is very interesting, it gives you the possibility to sell products through facebook, and fairly easy to use.
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    There are great ideas here already. Another way to monetize your Facebook page is to cooperate with an online mobile phone store to sell their phones through your page, you can rent out your page for a fixed monthly price or come up with a commission scheme for products sold.
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  • Try systems aliexpress affiliate, amazon, ebay, etc.
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