Should You Unfollow People Who Don't Follow You Back?

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Hello everyone! I'm currently developing a Twitter and Pinterest account, and I'm in the stage of following people in my niche, so they will follow me back.

I had a quick question though, should I unfollow the users who don't follow me back within, say, a week or so? Is there harm to following a large amount of users?

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    Don't worry about unfollowing people right now. Just focus on building a solid following.

    Start following only people in your niche and start developing strong relationships. Find tweets that you genuinely like and RT and favorite them. Reply to those people and compliment them on their post. Everyone likes to be acknowledged and appreciated so they will love you for that and will definitely engage with your tweets.

    Be consistent and provide good quality content that your audience craves for and you will see your following grow and you will never have to worry about unfollowing anyone.
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      I just go through like once a month and get rid of people who don't follow me back but its no big deal. There's really not much harm in following a bunch of people when you are starting out.

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