How do I get more followers on Twitter?

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Should I buy followers?
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  • Invite your readers to follow you.Make videos on Youtube and invite them to follow you.
    Use other social to get more followers. Follow people who will follow back.
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      Find leaders in your niche, then follow their followers. Most will follow you back.

      Do about 50-100 a day and you hit 2000 pretty quickly.

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    Originally Posted by jeankemp17 View Post

    Should I buy followers?
    No use an automated or semi-automated software to gain new followers target only people in your niche and follow no more than 100 per day. The software I use for this is TweetAdder and Hootsuite but there are others.
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    I think you should follow only them who are related your niche. You should make favorite, reply and re-tweet there tweet rather than follow them. And when you make post, use at least one image in your tweet.
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  • Originally Posted by jeankemp17 View Post

    Should I buy followers?
    No, never. Sure it will take longer, but there are better ways than buying to build your follower list. Save yourself the pain of thousands of non-responsive fake accounts.


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    No, buying followers did not give you interaction. You must do it by promotion, by contest and other efforts.
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    After create your profile in twitter invite people related to your business or niche, I think you can get more active twitter followers.
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    Originally Posted by jeankemp17 View Post

    Should I buy followers?
    I would highly recommend you do not buy followers.

    Think about it...

    If you do then all you will have is an account with a lot of non-engaged followers.

    Any tweets you make will be useless because no one would be reading them.

    That and I'm sure that Twitter is deleting accounts that have a fake following.

    Instead, just do it the right way. It is extremely easy to build a pretty decent following on Twitter in a relatively short period of time.

    All you have to do is follow people in your niche.

    Follow at least 50 people a day and RT, favorite, and reply to their tweets.

    Build a solid relationship with them by also sending them direct messages complimenting them on their content. People like to be complimented on their work and will instantly love you for it.

    Then tweet interesting posts related to your niche with great pictures and videos. If you really took the time to build relationships with the people you followed then you will get better engagement on your tweets.

    Do this consistently and you will start to see your following grow more and more everyday.
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  • Originally Posted by jeankemp17 View Post

    Should I buy followers?
    Purchased followers are fake in 99% cases. Fake followers has zero value. They are just numbers. It is better to have small targeted followers than large fake followers. So, growing a twitter account slowly, sharing quality content and getting targeted real followers is the key to twitter success.
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    No don't buy followers on Twitter, that's not good at all. I have a detailed tutorial regarding this in another thread. I'll quote it here for you.

    Originally Posted by markeeter View Post

    I have seen this question come up here far too often, so I thought about addressing it in detail.
    Increasing your followers on Twitter isn’t difficult. There are a number of areas that you need to be working on.

    Get your profile done right. Before you start thinking about what to tweet, and who to tweet, you need to make sure that your profile is good and complete. People look at your profile to determine if they’re going to be following you or not.
    Put up a nice and relevant profile photo; get your logo done right. Let your about me be your pitch. It should determine why people should follow you. Don’t make it an obvious hard-sell, but make it captivating so that people want to follow you.
    Something useful I read on a blog:
    “Your Twitter bio's searchable. Use keywords that matter to your future followers.”
    Increase the Frequency of your Tweets
    The more tweet, the more followers you’re going to get, and the more opportunities you’ll have to get noticed.
    You can get yourself a tool for scheduling your tweets to save time if you’re busy. Don’t use more than one or two hash tags. On Twitter more isn’t really merrier.
    Build Connections
    Join in Twitter Chats, Get to know people. This is good, because this is two way communication, you can really leave an impact here.
    Follow People
    This is the obvious one. Follow people who are relevant to your niche. This can be people who retweet your tweet. People your followers follow. Follow influential people in your industry. You can use hashtags to help you find the right people.
    Engagement rules people
    Getting followers isn’t enough. You need to make sure that you keep your followers engaged. Post images, links to useful content, tweet and retweet.
    You can set up Google alerts for the topics that your audience is interested in and then you can tweet about anything interesting that you find. This will be good for boosting up your engagement.
    Promote twitter
    Put your twitter account on your blog, and on your other social accounts. You can also promote it offline on posters or brick-and-mortar shops.
    See how experts do it
    See how others are doing it. Look at other profiles in your niche, and see how they’re doing it.See what’s working for them and try it to see if you can get some luck or not.

    Well, that’s it. Some of the info written above is from experience, other is what I learned reading up online. Hope it helps!

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    This is the best easy way to get more Twitter Followers:
    Complete your Profile properly
    Tweet to people everyday
    Ask questions
    Follow people who follow you
    Tweet about breaking news
    Tweet your blog posts
    Follow industry leaders
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    I would not recommend buying followers on Twitter at all. I use Twitter hugely for my sites and it works really well. If you have an engaged following then they'll help you spread the word by retweeting your content.
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      No. Just be genuine and tweet relevant stuff/content to your followers, follow the top names in your niche and re-tweet some of their tweets, network and talk to people. Remember that you can also use #hashtags for certain keywords which will make your tweets more accessible to users searching for those phrases.
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    I firmly believe the people should not buy social media followers. The biggest reasons why social media can be very people is the actually human beings behind the social networks. Asking if you should buy followers is similar to asking, "Quality or quantity?"

    To gain more followers, you should create your profile properly. If you have facebook and other social media accounts then make sure the information is consistent. Then you post interesting stuff so that people will retweet you. proper use of hashtags should also be observe. Make sure you interact with your audience once in a while. Also, I think this will be very useful: Tweet when something big is happening. Say for example Superbowl. Engage into superbowl conversations. Make sure that your posts and hashtags are relevant to the event.
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    There are three ways: 1) buy followers - bad idea, look at the fake twitter report sites on some of their samples and you will see why; 2) organically - the slowest but surest method unless you are a celebrity; 3) using tools like tweepi.

    For us, 1) is a no go, 2) is too slow, and 3) if you have multiple accounts for business you spend 100% of your time following and don't actually do any work. So we do something different but it's not valid here (have access to some rather special technology). So would recommend Tweepi or similar route.

    EDIT: just ran a Twitter Audit on 1,000 follower account and is 93% real, you will get around 10% following back.
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    Never buy followers. They are useless. They will never interact and most are all bots

    Quantity of followers is actually useless. The only thing it is useful is to make an impression on others so that they follow you

    If you want followers, just follow others. Most will follow back. Look at influencers and follow their followers. You won't get too many follow backs at first when you have very few followers. But once you reach 1000 or 2000 followers and above, you will get plenty of follow backs. What's better is that people will start following you by themselves once you reach a higher number of follower counts.

    Mention some of your followers, retweet them, communicate in other's tweets, do shout outs for mass followers, etc. The other person will retweet them and you will get more followers from it.

    But remember, quantity is useless. Build relationship with others, retweet each other and help each other and keep posting useful and entertaining stuffs. That's the only way twitter is going to be useful.

    Good Luck

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    Post content that people will find interesting / funny or cool stuff is the best way

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    No, at the very least use software to do the follow and unfollow method, but there are better ways then that as well.
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    Follow bunch of people, most of them (30-50%) will follow back, in a month you can have above 2k followers. Once you start counting your followers in THOUSANDS, more and more will come as they would see you as an established authority.

    Choose a small niche, with less than 100 Twitter leaders, if you're about advertising and marketing, there are millions of accounts about that already, you will have a harsh time.

    Last tip : Don't follow everyone, only follow targeted people. Participate from time to time in those #Teamfollowback things.
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      Originally Posted by joshzyerburg View Post

      Follow bunch of people, most of them (30-50%) will follow back, in a month you can have above 2k followers. Once you start counting your followers in THOUSANDS, more and more will come as they would see you as an established authority.
      the expression "Most of them" in English language represents a majority, therefore
      minimum 50.01 %.

      This "follow everyone and expect to be followed back"
      is a spammy method that used to work five years ago.

      It was extremely time consuming and I always advised against it
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    No, buying followers is never a good idea. Try getting people to follow you by yourself, follow them and many will follow you back, post interesting content, share other people's content.. it does take time but it's worth it. Buying followers is not..
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    Never buy followers. Most of them is fake.

    Just use some software to auto follow/unfollow and you will get real followers.
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    Follow others to get more followers. But remember that this should be done only in the beginning to increase follower count to raise your impression on others. People are usually affected by the number of follower counts.

    But the main focus should be on engagement. You should engage with others' tweets and build connections. Otherwise all those followers you accumulated are equal to not having any followers. You won't get any responses, retweets or favourites from those followers if you do not develop connections with your followers.

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    Originally Posted by jeankemp17 View Post

    Should I buy followers?
    Do not waste your money. Publish useful and quality tweets.
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    There's no good reason to buy twitter flowers. Many of the followers will be fake or poor quality accounts and won't do much good in the long run. The best way to gain twitter followers is be active. It will take time but if you are active people will follow you on their own. Also include links to your twitter on your site and in other calls to actions. Organic followers will take time but I've found they have more value.
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      Originally Posted by MuhamadEdisonA View Post

      Somebody tell me to use tweepi to add twitter follower. Is that work?
      Go through the top conversation in this thread to watch how to use tweepi.
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    Don't buy any followers. Rather focus on engagement. Only twitter accounts and some random tweets are not going to get you any followers.
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    Never buy followers, even though all of the large accounts on Social Media do have a HIGH # of "Fake Profiles" following them.
    But think about it, would you rather have 1K ORGANIC followers that actually care about your tweets or 20K fake ones that provide no clicks/retweets/conversation etc.
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    [QUOTE=jeankemp17;9892203]Should I buy followers?[/

    I have same your question.
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    Post good content regularly & invite people to like them.
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    It's the same thing as buying Facebook page likes: most likely you'll end up with a dead page or profile since it will be full of generic fake likes and followers. You don't need followers outside your business niche. Smart thing to do would be heading over to twitter profiles of similar interests and business areas and following people on their list of followers. About 50 daily would be enough. Make sure you follow people who are actually active on Twitter. About 25 to 50 % of them should follow back; after a week or so unfollow those who didn't follow you so you can have a good ''following-followers'' ratio and that's it.
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