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What will be the best techniques to increase social media traffic?
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    You can follow these simple techniques to get traffic from social media sites.
    Spend some time to make sure you complete all the relevant categories and fields, and most importantly, that you provide links to all your websites. On Twitter, I would also recommend you write down your website address in your description so that people can easily see it.
    Join Different Social Networks
    I personally believe it is best to try out several social networks, in order to figure out which ones bring you the most traffic.
    Post Regularly
    Once you start posting on social media, it’s very important to keep it up regularly and be consistent. You won’t keep getting traffic from social media unless you keep posting and engaging constantly
    Post links to your blog posts
    Posting links to valuable resources is one of the top ways of getting traffic from social media. Whenever you write a new blog post, article or have a new valuable resource on your website, make sure you post it on your social media profiles.
    The ‘secret’ to social media success is lots of engagement. By engaging regularly with other people on social networks, you will drive more people to your profile and updates, and therefore ultimately increase your traffic
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    The smartest way is to make shareable content.. if your content is good enough it can go viral and makes you unlimited amount of traffic and profit.
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    Originally Posted by Social Media in Nepal View Post

    What will be the best techniques to increase social media traffic?
    Facebook - Join groups only that are related to your niche. For example if your Facebook page is about cars then join only groups interested in cars. Take the time to get to know as many influential people in everyone of these groups. Find posts that you really like and let them know by liking, sharing, and commenting on those posts. Add them as friends and reach out to them by sending them direct messages. After you've established some good relationships start sharing your best posts from your Facebook page.

    Twitter - Follow people that are related to your niche. Build strong relationships with them by favoriting, RT, and replying to the tweets that you really enjoyed. When they start following you back, send them direct messages and really get to know them. Once you've established that relationship start tweeting your best posts.

    Youtube - Find videos in your niche that you really enjoy. Like the videos, subscribe to the channel, leave comments describing how much you liked it, and send the owners a direct message. Create videos that either are inspired from the videos you found or even mention those videos. Reach out to those owners and send them the link to the video that you created.

    Google+ - Join circles that are related to your niche. Find posts that you absolutely love and +1 and leave comments describing how much you enjoyed them. Join groups on Goolge+ and do the exact same thing. Reach out to the ones you've gotten to know better and ask if you can chat on Google Hangout. Continue to build that relationship then start sharing your best posts.

    This is a lot of work but if you stay consistent with it, in 3-6 months you will have built 4 solid traffic sources you can tap into whenever you like.
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    There are a lot of social media networks out there. So firstly you have to decide which Social network you will be using the most on priority notes. Once that done, understand the semantics of each network. The practices of each network varies. e.g. LinkedIn is quite professional, FB is more social in casual way, instagram is excessively visual. So decide what's your target market, what type of content you generally produce and will continue to produce.
    Once that's done, the remaining steps follow afterwards
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    Follow these simple techniques to get traffic from social media sites
    Complete profile
    Join Different Social Networks
    Post Regularly
    Post links to your blog posts

    Join some of the lesser-known social networks

    Add social sharing buttons to each of your blog posts
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