Will Facebook even be around for long?

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My personal opinion is that Facebook has reached its peak 6 to 7 years ago, and now it's going downhill.

The reasons are multiple :
  • Facebook's visibity limitations : Say you create a page about your niche, you have to put ads out there to reach your audience and get them to like your page. Now even if you only purchase ads from Facebook you will still get clicks from click-farms as demonstrated by Veritasium in this amazing video :

  • given that some of your fans aren't authentic, they won't engage with your content at all, hence Facebook forcing you to purchase ads to reach YOUR audience that has already shown their interest in you by following your page. It's like opening a bakery, engaging with people and becoming friends with them, and everyday you'd have to go find them and tell them about your bakery again.
  • Facebook's limited engagement: Facebook has a CTR of 0.05%, compared to YouTube that has 2%, it's just nothing. Because when people go on YouTube, they're willing to spend some minutes watching things, but when they go on Facebook they almost already know what they want to do "See notifications, talk to a friend, respond to an event, upload a picture..." That's it. They are legitimately unwilling to interact with ads.
  • Facebook's definition of "engagement": I personally have seen many posts on Facebook that I liked, without actually clicking the like button, but if my fans do the same with the posts I make, facebook will restrict my reachable audience thinking that my posts are not engagement-worthy. I don't always want to post some sort of a question to get people to answer and engage with me, sometimes I only want to post pictures, no need for anyone to "explicitly" showing that they "CLICK-LIKE" that picture for Facebook to count it as an engagement.
  • On NASDAQ Facebok is always red (-0.49% today, VS. +0.22% for Twitter).
I hope it's not my negativity but I think the way Facebook is doing stuff, is wrong. I have purchased ads from them, first of all they almost tricked me into choosing their CPM, which should NEVER be chosen on Facebook, and after I did multiple campaigns in there, it's almost not worth it to setup a Facebook page. Any ideas? Experiences?
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    If you buy fb fans, you will get loads of fake fans.. that's why I recommands per post engagement ads all the time.

    Fb is far away from the downhill yet..

    When people stop hanging out there it may be.
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    I don't see how Facebook is going downhill now. I think its gonna stay in there for a couple more years. A real rival has to come to make facebook go down, and right now, there's none of that.
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    Kinda hyperbolic to say facebook is having some sort of "downfall".

    Facebook has more traffic than youtube it ranks #2 in Alexa. The only site which has more traffic than it is Google.

    With over one billion users, it is not going anywhere anytime soon.
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    I think Facebook still has some time left in them. It's hard to say what will/could come around later down the line. At this day in age it doesn't take allot to go viral and become a huge sensation overnight. Still, Facebook has good money now after going public.. They've been active in buying up companies for technology and stuff, so they will have their hands in stuff for a good while!
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    User investment is TOO HIGH on facebook, for a decent competitor to arise easily. Everyone has years of photos, stories, posts, and messages on facebook that they wont want to leave. Will something surpass facebook? Someday, but I wouldn't be surprised if it manages to be a huge-traffic site for another 10-15 years.
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    Its true that teens and tweens have been leaving Facebook in droves, but it doesn't mean that FB is crashing. The demographics are just changing.

    Where I live (SE Asia), FB is still rising in popularity and more and more people (of all ages) are flocking to it.
    I've been marketing on FB for a long time, and I have more than my fair share of issues and gripes. FB makes me want to scream and pull my hair out sometimes...like the time they rejected 6 of my ads in a row because they said I was trying to promote adult sex toys to children---my ads were for hoola-hoops on sale at a local toy store- (even after I wrote and complained several times to FB, they just kept replying with the same cut and paste email and never even looked at the ads.)

    Regardless how terrible FB customer support is, and how terrible they are for giving organic reach, and how terrible their ad department is...FB won't be going anywhere for the next few years.
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    I think Facebook won't go anywhere anytime soon. It's still the no.1 social media site people use, it's a great source for traffic and entertainment and, so far, no one has managed to even come close to being a facebook rival.
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    I don't see Facebook going downhill. Facebook is growing daily in terms of user base, revenue & acquisitions. Stock prices are in red doesn't mean Facebook isn't growing. They got many other alternatives to generate revenue. Facebook has acquired many huge companies like Whats App, Instagram, Face.com and many more in no time. I don't know why would you think it's going down as I don't even see any competitors.

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    It is true that Facebook has reached its pick point 4-5 years ago, but I don't think it is going to down recently. If you notice, you will found that social media marketing is almost 60% depend on Facebook. So I don't think it is going to down near future.
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  • If it's in term of active users and revenue growth, facebook is rather going up
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