How to increase facebook fanpage likes?

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I just want to ask you guys how to increase facebook page of our product so that i can drive the traffic from facebook?
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  • There are too many strategies. If you want to go for free traffic, join other people groups, post there with content that is of value. It can give likes to your page in return. But what I suggest is to go for paid promotion of your page but unless you don't add value your page can not see a great success.

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    If your page is new, try sharing it to your facebook friends asking them to like it, or buy some likes, but don't waste your money on hundreds of fakes! It takes 30 likes to get your page visible (or so was the case a while back, if they changed this, I wouldn't know).
    And then, share, share share! Make your posts interesting, engaging. Like other pages yourself, join groups.. there is really an endless number of possibilities.
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      Originally Posted by Slade556 View Post

      If your page is new, try sharing it to your facebook friends asking them to like it, or buy some likes, but don't waste your money on hundreds of fakes! It takes 30 likes to get your page visible (or so was the case a while back, if they changed this, I wouldn't know).
      And then, share, share share! Make your posts interesting, engaging. Like other pages yourself, join groups.. there is really an endless number of possibilities.

      What do you mean by "get your page visible" ?
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    Well start posting fresh content related to your niche. You can also go for paid facebook marketing.
    Make account on few more social media's and share your facebook page link there too. People will do visit your page.

    Hope this helps !
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      don´twaste your heard earned money on fiver, the quality of services there is terrible
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    Make your page engaging. They're hundreds of potential strategies and tools for building likes, you can either go for quick cheap by buying on fiverr as mentioned above, or build purely by liking other pages, and linking back to yours(as long as the group admin is okay with it). Make sure you update your page regularly, share it with your friends, and have them share it with theirs. It takes time, but it will build.

    Best of luck!
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    Originally Posted by ronak1111 View Post

    I just want to ask you guys how to increase facebook page of our product so that i can drive the traffic from facebook?
    The best way to increase the traffic to your Facebook page is to:

    1. Join groups related to your niche - Participate in the discussions and start liking, sharing, and commenting on other people's stuff. Once you've built some type of relationship with some groups then share your best posts from your page once a day.

    2. Find other pages similar to yours or in your niche - Find a post that really blows your mind and like, share, and comment on it. Like the page and send the owner a message saying how much your really enjoyed that particular post. Then once you've built a relationship with them, let them know about your product and see if you can joint venture on product.

    3. Make posts on your Facebook page with amazing pictures or videos - If you have a blog then write a pillar article then on your Facebook page create an interesting post with a really great picture promoting that blog post. Share that on all the groups you found and on your personal wall.

    The key is to stay consistent and always think about your audience. Show them that your product is really as good as you say it is by showing them examples, reviews, and results.
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    Well, there are many ways to increasing the Facebook Likes. If you want to your product is so popular in market then you can buy Facebook likes. Personally, I tell you such type of Facebook likes are 100% genuine.
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    Ask your friends to like it or share the post on the other social media platforms to get likes on facebook page.
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    Well, first of all you should have a high Quality content so as people once see it they will be

    attracted , then you can share your page in other pages with related topics , and another

    method you can make paid campaign on FB that will lead to increase your likes

    Hope this helped you.

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    Invite your friends. Share quality content on your fanpage. Post 3-5 posts per week. Post Informative and funny posts besides your business post. Hope those process can brings more likes.
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    Facebook is a social network, and most people come there with the intention of interacting with one another, and not buying stuff. If you want people to become interested in your page, the first that you need to do it is to grab their attention. Don't even start thinking about sale before they start to trust you.

    Start by giving them value. Post images, memes, quotes. Make sure that what you are posting isn't mainstream. Make sure that it is different. If you're different you will stand out. Run targeted ads, Hold contests, intrigue people.

    If you have a blog then put like button on your blog so that people can like your page directly from your blog. Give time to your subscribers. If they comment. Reply to their comments. Spark up conversations. Tell them to hit you up with any questions that they may have relative to your niche, and answer all their questions.

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    Spend on FB ads to drive traffic directly to your website (very target ads), and you will also get page likes as a residual of the ads (ie people like what your sponsors post has to say and also want to follow you for more). Best double pronged attack.

    The other ways are good and organic but take time to grow. Buying likes is a waste and will give you no traffic off the page (inactive accounts).

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    Use some like exchange sites in the beginning to have some numbers, once it is done start promoting in related groups and comment on related niches to have more engagements.

    Don't waste much time on Fan page, concentrate on your blog that is a permanently way to make money.
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    The best strategies is PAID adds, but you can go the free route and promote your FB page on your website, and other social media sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, Google plus and all that.
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    Facebook ads - the simplest and fastest way to boost likes to any page. Just play around with the audience and demographics to get lowest cost per action.
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    Invite your friends to like to your page.
    Make your page linked to the website.
    Join on all the groups and participate on the like page ladder discussion.
    Integrate the SEO and SMO to make sure you get success on social media and on search engines.
    *Content will play a keen role on getting likes to your fanpage.
    Have a balance between business information and general tweets.
    Share mostly the visually appealing content.
    Show variation on your posts.
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    Boost your posts, post your content on related pages, but keep it short and interesting. You can also send a message to some popular pages related to your business and ask them for a promo. Whatever you do, don't buy likes! That will only lower the engagement of your posts and won't do you any good.
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    Contests--lure of prize attract people to visit your page and like .Add the like button to your page .Try to post images and videos as much as you can . Post shareable content with rich content.
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    The first thing you want to have is content. Good quality content, and as many posts as you can. Easier said than done... but it doesn't have to be original.

    Next, be sure all your content isn't just about you. We've found the 10-4-1 ratio to be best: 10 fun/viral posts, 4 relevant content posts, and 1 offer post. Share viral stuff that people will enjoy, even if it's not exactly related to your niche.

    Then, set up a FB likes campaign to a targeted audience. I spend as little as $1/day to get hundreds of likes per month to my pages. If I want more likes, I spend more.

    I also do promoted posts. If I post something that appears to be very popular, getting lots of engagement, I'll spend $10-20 boosting that post to people who haven't like the page, or friends of people who like the page. The more passionate the niche, the more activity I get.

    Finally, it's possible to get likes and engagement out of an actual ad. My real estate lead gen ads frequently get likes, shares and comments... almost as if people don't realize they are ads (which is the ideal situation).
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    Ronak how many likes are you looking for and how much time have you got? Your question can be answered in many ways depending on those 2 parameters.

    Some people dream of success while others stay awake to achieve it

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    At Fast reach-full your Fan page by posting your desire content, images or interesting videos that may helpful for others. Then post your Fan page on other's groups, community that you already joined.
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    The quickest is FB Ads. From my experience if i remember correctly, I added about 7000-8000 likes with about $150 or maybe less. Don't remember correctly.

    Alternatively, is to create a FB page for a new trend that just come out today. Then create a good timeline image and several good posts. For some reasons, some people will search the new trend/news on facebook and possibility to find your fb page.
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    provide an email address (or phone number) for your communications department, representing the customer service or administrator of the page. People appreciate transparency, but more importantly, people want to connect with the right person. Do your best to make it easy for people to reach out in times of need. You can get some unwanted calls or emails, but that should not take it being accessible to your community.
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    Dont do so we have invested tons of cash on facebook and is pontless you can loose thousands of likes from one morning to the next,please try using newspapers tv or radio in order to advertise,you will never get more than 3 hits from facebook investing tons of money and those dont buy nothing
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  • do some social exchange like addmefast
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    Try Facebook ads if you want to grow your fan base. It's cheap and effective. You will get fans targeted by interests, location, habits, etc.

    But dont think of Facebook as a way to sell. It's moré about engaging and creating community, a long term race. If you want to lead traffic to your website better try adwords
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    The best free way to promote a page is to build your friends list across several accounts, and post daily to each account about something of value you're offering new fans for free. The better the giveaway, the better the response. Get creative.
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  • Make a welcome video to your fan page.Load the photos to your fan page and encourage your fans to tag themselves. Run a contest to your fan page.Use big images and videos to interact with fans.Sharable content should be there .content should be related to your fan page.Use the share button.
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    Facebook ads- just run ads in cheap places like tabago and get a bunch of likes.
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    Facebook ads - if you want to get a bigger fan base. It's very cheap and can be effective. You can target your fans by location, interests, location, habits.
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    Start posting valuable content on your blog and website and share it on facebook page and boost your post for only $5 which will give you a handsome boost and you will get likes plus reach of almost 1000 as well. Try boosting your posts for one or two weeks then you can have a good audience on your page to work further free and get traffic.
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    The widely used social network site Facebook is a superb place to advertise your enthusiast fan page and get a large number of fans with timely in addition to aimed hard work.
    * Create a Facebook fan page
    * Click Suggest to Friends
    * Invite Friends
    * Invite E-Mail Contacts and so on. May it helps you.
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    How will people visit my fan page? I mean I an active on groups that I have joined, but I join under my regular name, not my fan page name, which has my name in it. What I do is make posts on a group & then add friends from the group. Then I invite them to my fan page. Then I send them a PM inviting again. I guess I could have my fan page link all over my regular page.
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    Easy and secure way to increase Facebook fan page likes go for the paid services from Facebook.Try to share eye catching article and your article should be rich in content and simple and great mixture of words.Try to be in touch with your fans through comments.Ask for suggestion.Your article should be related to your fan page.Try to upload big images and videos .Images should not be (blur).
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      Hi friends,
      Now a day Social Marketing is very useful to increase website traffic and popularity here some tips given which will useful to increasing social marketing for particular website.
      First fall Creating a Page and updating info, Inviting your friends, Sharing your page, Sharing on bigger pages, Updating your page regularly, Quiz Organization, Say bye to spamming, Images are genius, Face book Page Popup Box.
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    post some unique things...
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    use facebook advertising
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    You might have heard about a term called link baiting in SEO. The same strategy could also be applied to facebook. Not only the unique content but user engagement is much more required in the plan to increase the likes in the facebook fan page.

    Gamification is another great way to get genuine facebook likes. Polls,and interactive infographics, posters, banners could be another great choice for user engagement.

    Remember the more user you engage, the more no of likes will be there in your bucket.
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    join maximum number of groups you can, you will get thousands people to whom you show your product or service and the best thing is, All this is free of cost. you have to spend much time but not a penny.
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