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hi warriors
i want to run an ipad air giveaway on facebook. i am not sure which will be the fastest method to go with. i need 200 enteries from english speaking countries. the entries will be a simple survey that takes 2 minutes to fill out. (NOT CPA OFFER)
i was thinking ad for likes and then get entries after the likes. but never had much luck with getting likes and marketing to likes. i do not even think the likes i get are real from fb likes.
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    What types of groups are you engaged with on FB? There are a number of groups that are essentially spampools (not that I think they do any good) but if you can get into those, you might generate enough likes and entries.

    Also, search for groups that have to deal with making money online, making money from home, making money from surveys, etc. That's the type of people you want to pursue, they usually fill out most anything for chances to win.

    Good Luck!
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    those spammy fb groups are worthless. there are so many ads. everyone becomes blind to the legit ads. i even started my own facebook group with 4k likes and still no bites for another venture i have going. that is why i laugh when they sell wsos make money posting on fb groups.
    but, thanks for the great idea to post after making money niche..that makes sense
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