Backlink From Social Media Can Increase Rank On Search Engines?

by Salum Banned
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I Have Heard That Alot Of Backlinks On Social Media Are Nofollow So Can Increase Rank In Search Engines Such As Google, Bing, Yahoo And Other Search Engines.
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    You need a mix of dofollow and nofolllow backlinks to rank.Only social media backlinks can`t help,if you want to rank.There is a guy called Lazyassstoner,find his Youtube channel and watch his videos.He thinks that social media backlinks are sufficient to rank high in Google.
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    I think social media gives a high quality backlinks which helpful to improve rank. Facebook and twitter are good but I like tumblr it gives me the high quality backlink.
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    I've seen in recent analysis where I work that a lot of websites get a big push from Facebook and Linkedin - especially links from LinkedIn articles. I think LinkedIn post option represents a good opportunity for us to strengthen a website's backlinks background.
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    Social media links are no-follow. So if you want to get rank through social media links only, then it is not possible. You need to create do-follow and no-follow both kinds of kind. Social media links can help you to get traffic.

    Source on Wordpress - #tutorials #guides # themes

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    If you have a website that is not updated, you will get more difficult trafic.Il is important to publish content "fresh" on your site, not just for the media social marketing, but also for engine optimization of recherche.Mais you have no obligation to post articles to blog three times a week to win the challenge. Post something new and useful once a week or even once a month can get traffic to your site.

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