Does anybody else think Facebook has gone downhill? Like your opinion.

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Does anybody else think Facebook has gone downhill? Like your honest opinion.
Wrote what I think is happening to facebook.

I'm not sure why, but Facebook has really gone downhill in several regards.

Firstly, and most notably, the range of search criteria they allow you to use when trying to find people has become extremely narrow. You used to be able to search for people by their year of graduation, hometown, workplace etc.

Now once you've already entered a name it will let you filter the results but it's not nearly as thorough or accurate in its results. The most annoying thing is when you try to filter by school and it brings up a list of options that does not include the school you are looking for, but a variety of other random no-name schools with similar words in the name.

For instance, I'll be looking for someone that goes to Michigan State, the second or third biggest school in the country, yet in the list of options that come up there will be a bunch of satellite branches or graduate schools with Michigan State in the title, like Michigan State School of Design. Yet I won't be able to find just plain old Michigan State which has almost 50,000 students. Absolutely makes no sense, drives me insane. The biggest and leading social network in the WORLD has zero excuse to have such poor search ability.

Additionally, when you type a name in the main search bar, it will show results for not only people, but also web pages, locations, and events. To filter your results to show only people you have to click "people" on the left. This is a social network designed primarily for connecting people, you shouldnt have to narrow your results, but could have the option to broaden your search to include those options.

The only other complaints I have are the series of awful redesigns they've implemented over the last five years, culminating with the dreadful timeline.

I'm not opposed to change, but if it ain't broke dont fix it. The best format for the site was without question the tabs. They had the separate windows within your profile separated into tabs so you could have the entire screen displaying whichever area you were in at the time. Clean, organized, efficient.

This timeline is so disorganized and sloppy, it has become painful to browse profiles.

The only redeeming quality of this redesign is the beautiful cover photo layout, but from there down it's a mess.

Last but not least, their mobile formatted site and app are both generally awful and frustrating to use. The only thing that is well designed about it is the photo browser and that when you hit the back arrow to return to the previous profile/album, it does not take you back through each photo
like it does on the desktop, but jumps right back to where you were and skips over all the in between steps. The tagging overlaps however and can be hard or impossible to read, and not being able to zoom without opening a new window for each picture is a pain. Also, skipping to the next/previous picture is cumbersome and difficult, you have to hit it at the perfect spot to activate the invisible arrows. You should just be able to swipe to the next one.

Anyone else take issue with Facebooks constant tinkering?
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    I agree with most of your frustrations. However, it's very interesting to see how facebook adapts to all these issues, improvements, and input. Look at the bigger picture and see how this multi-billion dollar company adapts and morphs - you've got a front row seat to the show.

    A r t e m i s

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      facebook is waste a sinking ship

      good luck

      facebook is like a mall fad.

      and it has changed for worse not better

      i hate facebook auto posters spammer 24 /7 ruined
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        Facebook is shooting themselves in their A** trying to make as much money as they can bye charging to much money for adds to connect to people. One day they will learn what they are doing...

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      I've been on Facebook for more than 8 years so it's been quite interesting seeing their journey. Unfortunately it all went downhill a couple of years ago. I think they just got greedy. Knowing that people are so addicted to FB, they are able to implement the stupidest changes and get away with it.
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    I personally feel the changes that they have made have been too much and it has made it go downhill a lot more than you would have thought it would have done. I personally would love to see some of the changes they have made pulled back and it made a little more simple but I don't see that happening if I am honest.
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    I'm almost sure Facebook is now more concentrated on how to make the website more accessible to businesses and how to make people invest more money in ads.
    It has become clear that the regular Joe who only browses Facebook to see what his friends are up to is no longer a number one priority.
    Just my 2 cents.
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    I personally think its getting a little absurd.Its starting to take that myspace turn as well and we all know how that turned out
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    It sounds you used facebook a hek of alot,why it should be bad now for you if you use it to contact ur peoples
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    ya the searching of people has become quite almost impossible...i liked it how it was a year ago
    perfect results

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    Social Media guru

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    Facebook indeed has changed over the years. Perhaps due to the volume of users addicted to the site. They need to make changes to keep up and they need to make several important updates. Admittedly, those changes are sometimes not to our liking; however it needs to be implemented so that we can still keep using the site. It may not be as easy to use as before and parameters may have changed but as long as it’s still free and we’re getting good business out of it. Then I guess we just have to make do with a little inconvenience.
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    For better or for worse, Facebook has adapted and maintained its position as the most accessible and widely used social platform out there. They may make changes and updates that upset people, but they keep the ship sailing for its users without too many hiccups.

    They are also aware of this, and, for now, everyone will continue to ride because that's where the widest range of active users are. I'm not to certain that they are ready to adapt to a world that doesn't need Facebook as we know it. There's a new technology out there lurking on the horizon that can put a leak in their hull, and everyone will abandon Facebook as quickly as they did Myspace. It's just a matter of when and who.
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    Almost totally agree. As a user for
    me Facebook has become useless. The issue a began when the masses came in. But as a marketer this point turned Facebook a tool.

    Years ago it was a place to share interesting stuff, to find people from school, university, etc... But now even my mom is on Facebook. But thinking about marketing... If we got the masses we have the sales.

    About the searches and those features i believe most of the changed aré cause by the the privacity fear spread by the mass media. Nonsense compared to Google monopoly
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    From a marketing standpoint, it's annoying when you post something and your reach is down. Which means nobody can see what you post even if they are your friends.
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    I don't use FB that much but there are so many groups that feed you nothing but spammy promotional ads in the form of posts, and it kinda pisses me off because it's saturated now. I wonder what kind of the next best thing will happen in the world of social media/technology, IMers will definitely jump on the bandwagon and milk it dry.

    It kinda amuses me that there used to be so many social media sites that went out of business just like that, just like MySpace, Friendster, Multiply, etc.
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    NO!!! FB is awesome but you have to know that not every company will benifit for it. If you are working B2B than Linkedin is very powerful! There is a guy who is a former NFL player who earns $2 million per year from Leads he gets from linkedin. His name is Lewis Howe and he can teach you all you need to know about b2b.

    If you are selling popular items that are not b2b "Business to Business" than FB can be awesome.

    You have to find out who your audience is and engage in conversations with them.

    Don't be spammy or desperate offer them advice and give them good quality information.

    FB is a social site so simply be social with the right people who would be buying your products or services.
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    i am sure facebook will bounce back before we see any new similar thing so they are doing some changes and i hope they will come good .....
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