Why Ido not get traffic from Stumbolupon, Pinterest,Digg, Reddit etc.

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I have a site and also have account with different Social media site,like StumbleUpon, Pinterest,Digg, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.. Every time, when I publish an article/blog in my site, I always share it with social media sites as above, with my account ID.
But I get good number of traffic from LinkedIn by group share and few from FB. But I did not get any single traffic from StumbleUpon, Pinterest,Digg, Reddit (I checked my visitors by tools).
Why I did not get traffic from these above sites??
Advice pls.
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    StumbleUpon and Pinterest are visual mediums, for those its best to have highly engaging pictures to go with your links.

    Spend a few minutes (or an hour) on these sites and see what attracts you, what gets you to click and then model your post images after those.

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    Boring content won`t work for Digg,Reddit or StumbleUpon.Pinterest is all about pictures,not text articles.
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      Originally Posted by pertinax View Post

      Boring content won`t work for Digg,Reddit or StumbleUpon.Pinterest is all about pictures,not text articles.
      Then what are the most instant sharing social media site viewable in front page.
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    Seems like you have a good nos of connections from Linkedin and FB but you lack in sites like the other you have shared. Focus on building a good nos of audience in all those other sites as well and try promoting the links with more set of passion. You will definitely have a good rapport there with.
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    Building a good targeted traffic through social bookmarking sites is difficult. You need massive effort for this.

    Here are few tips.

    1. Publish Quality Contents.
    2. Use Attractive Images to Your Posts
    3. Do not Post Fake Posts.
    4. Share your posts on FB groups

    The best way to increase twitter followers.

    1. Go to Top bloggers twitter profile and Follow their followers. About 40% of them will follow you back.

    Social Book marking sites are the best ways to build traffic.
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    Do you have substantial amount of followers on your social media pages?
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    As you know, social media sites are different from one another. You have to have different approach for various social media sites. For the image oriented social media sites, you will have to concentrate more on interesting images and videos, and for content focusing sites use more of unique and fresh content. Most important of all, be active on these sites.
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    Your content is probably not interesting enough for that specific crowd.. Not every website gets instant traffic once they join some social media sites.
    Try making your posts &pictures even more interesting, or, better yet, focus on the social media sites that do bring in traffic.
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    Getting traffic from pinterest isn't that difficult as of the stumbleupon, digg and reddit.
    Follow more similar business followers which helps you to get more followers.
    Share more images and be active on the profile. While sharing any image upload from your website only and also use link in the descriptions. Use your website link on the descriptions of the board and also in the profile.
    What I've observed with stumbleupon is the webpages which are more popular will get listed on the trending pages.
    Most websites which got listed trending pages are controversial or crime news from popular websites like BBC, inspirational content or images.
    On stumbleupon we should not only submit or add pages of only our website. Complete the profile and stumble various pages from other websites also regularly.
    Make use of lists, create lists.
    Follow active members and like the pages liked or added by the members.
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