How to get a lot of friends quickly on Facebook?

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Okey, friends. Please, answer my question.

How to get a lot of friends quickly on Facebook?

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    Its a slow process, you have to do regularly posts on Facebook, invite peoples to join and told your friends to join me. Their are other tool who offer you "fake friends and followers, but trust me this is only waste of time, they are only a show up, if you wants real friend, then you have to work on you FB profile and Page. Thanks
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    Be regular on FB, share, update and request facebook friend invitation as daily basis. Add friend where you see suggestion. I hope you will get a good amount facebook friend soon.
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    It's slow and study process.
    Do daily some activities on Facebook and send some limited request. If you send excessive request then your Facebook account will get ban for 24 hours, if you repeat this again, then time limit will increase.
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    I suggest you to join different Facebook pages and groups. Post informative and interesting content and news on those Facebook pages and groups. Keep sending request but don't send too much friend request. If you try to send too many friend request, Facebook may block or limited your account.
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    1-Go to FB group (where you want to make friends)
    2-If it's a active group, just stick with it, share something there, ask them to pm you to get something free (Ex: "hey, just pm me and I will send you ABCXYZ for free)
    2-If it's not a active group, you can post something value here, ask them to pm you for something free too and tag a lot of people (20-30 is ok), you can use "reply" under your main post
    3-After they pm you, you send them free link to download, then ask them to make friend with you
    4-This way you can make REAL GOOD connections. Give value, be special to EACH person!
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    Post good content on your Facebook Fan Page, add good image, then you can either share the post to groups in relevant niche or go for BOOST post (paid traffic).
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    It shouldn't be to difficult. Be active on your account. Post regularly in groups, like pages and interact with people there. You can start adding them once you get acquainted a bit.
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    You can get a lot of friends quickly on Facebook only using bots. But Fb will give penalty for this. So better use slow process.
    Post good content, promote via Fb ads your page and your posts.
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    add group and post good pic、content
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    From my experience it depends highly on your niche. If your niche is something that people love connecting about then it's easier for people to accept your friend request. For example if its a music genre this is what I would do.

    I would add the big players within my niche. By big players I mean people that have close to the 5000 friends limit. I will focus my attention on just adding them for a bit since I am sure they will accept because they are most likely promoting something themselves. I always make sure that my content is highly relevant to the niche.

    Do not spam! Post useful content. For every 5 useful, intriguing, funny, informing content, 1 can be a promotion. And even the promotion should be made to believe how it can benefit your friends.

    My cover photo is something that will tell people right away what I am about, and what niche I am associated with. Pay a graphics designer to make you a nice cover photo, or do it yourself if you know how. My profile picture is a nice picture of me.

    Next, go to one of the leaders profile and find a post that has gotten lots of engagement that is associated to your niche. Check who has liked the post. These are the people that are already showing that they want to engage in your niche. By this time you should have many mutual friends if you focused on the people that are leaders in your niche and who run profiles. Next, start adding these people who liked the post who have at least 3-5 mutual friends with you

    Once the captcha code pops up, that you are going to fast, stop and do it again at a later time. If your content is relevant, and good many people will accept you.

    Make sure to cancel request to people who don't accept after a certain amount of time. That way you won't have a bunch of unanswered request. After you have a certain amount of unanswered request you will get a limit, and after you hit that limit it will tell you that you can't send no more request.

    Usually in about a few hours you can start sending again. That's why it's important to clean your unanswered request.

    There is always the possibility that they restrict your account for 30 days. But doing it this way hasn't gotten me restricted. And I am close to the 5000 friends limit.

    After that turn your Facebook profile into a Page. (Type that into google), since its no longer beneficial to have a profile since you can't send any more request. And now you can move on to Facebook Ads, or other ways to get likes to your Facebook Page.

    By the way, there is no fast way. Fast ways generally means people who can give a rats ass about what you have to offer, or what you have to say. Let's be effective here, and get responsive, interested friends.
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    Insert an amazing picture onto your profile especially female. Within a few days you'll get lot's of friends request from various persons.
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    Post regularly, comment in other people post.
    Join group and pages and be active.
    You will need to post regularly but remember not to spam, people hate spam and you will end up losing more than gaining.
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    Continue to Like and Share...
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    Get a lot of friends quickly on facebook is not quickly it's a slow process. You must have follow some steps to increase your friends.First of all your facebook profile must be more informative and good content related. Then post excelent image, links,more chat on your friends,invite 15-20 friends, accept 20 friends, join 3 groups per day, like different page, which status you give it will be interesting and so on. If you follow this i'm sure you will be get what you want.
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    get lucky with one viral share and you'll have all kinds of new friends!
    CLERQS - buy ads, sell ads, trade traffic, and affiliate program.
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    Do you mean friends or fans, for your fan page?
    If you really mean friends, then it's simple: just add them, you have a 5,000 limit (I think) so you can keep adding them until you reach the limit. Many will probably accept your request too, even if they don't personally know you.
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