how to get good traffic from google plus?

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i want to get reply from google plus specialist i want to start social media campaign with google plus but i do not know the main process.
is there any one who can give me good advice for getting good traffic from google plus?
every help is appreciated
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    To get traffic with Google Plus you basically just have to do the same thing you do with any other social media network, build a following.

    The easiest and fastest way to do this is by joining groups and communities related to your niche. Find interesting posts and comment, +1 and send private messages to the poster telling them how much you enjoyed their post.

    One thing I do a lot is I prove to them how much I enjoyed their post by posting about it on my blog then sending them a link to it.99% of the time you will get a response and they will start following you. Once they start following you now its just a matter of staying in touch.

    So, make sure to stay connected with whoever starts following you and be consistent with your posts. Post high quality engaging content that your audience can't get enough of and trust me the traffic will keep coming.
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    Be active o, G+, add people, share and comment

    A great tip is to use hashtags in your G+ Posts, it will increase your GPlus followers.
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    I don't know if there are any google+ specialists out there, but what I can tell you is you basically have to just be active. Share, interact with everyone, be active! In the end, google+ is just another social media website.
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    Basically user engagement is the prime focus to be considered of. Any social media it is, if the engagement in terms of user interaction is strong, then there is more authority of that particular profile in considerable frame.

    Basically G+ keeps importance because its a Google product and the more user engagement in G+ for any website is preferably more considerable to any other social media from SEO perspective.
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    Google+ is one of the most effective social media channel that helps to increase traffic.

    Follow some of these steps:

    You can create your complete Google+ profile (Profile Image, Phone Number & Email Address, Location & Business Links), create a business page, add people in your circle, interact with other person, join communities that relevant to your business and share your post with using #tag.
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    The internet is full of animated GIFs and when you spice up a post with one, it's a surefire way of increasing engagement.
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    Be upated with your page. Inform your friends that you have a page. While you share your post social site use proper hash tag. I hope it will work.
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    If you want to get traffic then you have to post article regularly and get like from user.
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    Make your g+ profile complete.inform your friends about your business page and invite more people. update this page on daily basis.
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    Like other social media you can share everything to your Google plus profile.
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    There is one rule that apply to all social networks. More followers and you will get more success. So you need to increase the number of followers on google plus and then make sure that you post something about your product/service on regular basis with a link back to your website.
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    Engage, engage and engage..that’s how it works. Post a savvy and creative content. Join and post related topic in groups ^^

    Don’t forget the #hashtag
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    Google plus is one of the best social media channel to drive traffic for your website. You can follow this steps to get good traffic.
    Add business related people in your circle.
    You can join the communities and groups related to your niche. Find interesting posts and comment, +1 and send private messages to the poster telling them how much you enjoyed their post.
    You can also create extended circle and add those people which are related to your business.
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    This thing not only make our blog posts attractive but also increase the readability. Then why not to apply the same strategy while sharing posts on Google plus.using this technique easy to grab people in the circles.
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    Hi Freind,

    I have used Yahoo Answers before and have found success there. I mean, I not only got back links. I can certainly bet on that. That's something everyone should try out. And thanks for the Wiki suggestion. I will certainly try that out.
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    Google plus behaves same as other social networks.
    Try updating interesting content and images and use hashtags with your posts. Plus google+ makes auto hashtag which is a good way to get more audience on your posts.
    Try using google plus communities and post your latest updates and blogs there for getting traffic and response.
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    add more people to your circle and post relevant and quality stuff.
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    Even though along with Fb that is getting harder and harder in addition to get site visitors rear, Google+ can be slowly expanding in to among the prime social networking site visitors machines, specifically while using newest changes in addition to layout improvements of which indicate all the more assure. Google+ has enormous opportunities to promote your site, in addition to get site visitors with it. Here is some method given below for you:
    * Use headlines properly
    * Complete and optimize your profile
    * Host Google+ Hangouts
    * Manage your circles
    * Share your latest post
    * Engage in Communities and so on. So may it help you.
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    Join circles, Share, interact with everyone

    Without passion, you don’t have energy; without energy, you have nothing. WOOPSHOP

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    Join in various relevant communities on google+.
    Start communicating with others and to build trust on you.
    Check for trending tags on the explore and use them while sharing new post.
    Timings are also important while posting.
    Best days to post are Monday to Friday.
    9Am to 11 Am your posts will get engaged.
    Variate your posts not always business share other posts also.
    Like and comment your friends posts also.
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    To get instant and quality traffic from Google plus share quality content.
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    Stay active on Google+ and start following people.. Link, Comment and share post .
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    Join the community in G+ and post regularly in the community.
    Make your G+ business page and fill all details.
    Post unique and attractive content.
    Follow users of your niche.
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