Google+ Get followers issue, Need help!

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You know In order to be followed, you must follow others. It’s the name of the social media game. and On Google+ If I add someone to my circles, they will get notified.

Before I every day add about 200 people in my circles, Until the Google+ remind me reach the daily limit. estimated that about 80 people follow me back. But about a month ago. no matter I add how much people, and no one add me back. I doubt they didn't receive the notified.

Does some people have this problem? Can you tell me the reason? and to solve this problem?
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    Best advice...don't waste your time on Google+
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      In fact, I also feel is a waste of time. Do you have any recommendation of the Social Media
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      To get the followers on Google plus is most difficult .. at least for me.

      Without passion, you don’t have energy; without energy, you have nothing. WOOPSHOP

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    Hi, matrixme. I am using Google+ for a while and must admit that is a great source of targeted traffic for my website. I will share with you trick to get Google+ followers. Free and Real Followers!

    Open up Google+. Search for #SharedCircles. You will see many results. A long list of various Google+ Circles shared publicly.
    All you need to do is just, select any circle with 200+ members and click on ADD people button. DonĀ“t forget to read the circle description.

    Now you have two options. Add the circle to your existing circles or create a new one. I always recommend making a new circle every time. After you add these people to the circle, you will start getting followers.
    And remember. Social Media are not waste of time

    How total Newbies are making more then $50 per day -- Get some inspiration

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    Google+ communities shouldn't be ignored as it's a good source of traffic even though many people don't follow back.
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    not many people use google+ anymore. people did in the beginning but it died fast. you see a lot of + accounts because people have gmail and it automatically makes you one. if you look at a lot of business who have a + account. its empty. use facebook/twitter/instagram/youtube. all the major ones. you'll thank yourself later by not wasting time on that.
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    Google plus is one of the best social media platform that helps you to drive more traffic to your website. Here are the some tips that help you to increase your G+ follower.
    Follow the business relevant people.
    Create own business relevant community, invite people to join community and participate in discussion.
    You can also join another community and post blog, article and videos.
    +1 the favorite post.
    Make extended circle which are relevant to your business.
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    i think you can purchase google followers service and don't waste your time
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