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I'm setting up my first Twitter ad campaign. They give me the option to compose a new tweet OR select an existing tweet. When I choose to compose a new one, I can't save the campaign because I didn't select an existing one. But I don't want to use an existing one, that's why I chose the option to compose a new one.

What am I missing, besides a couple brain cells? lol
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    The idea here is to allow advertisers to more easily create marketing campaigns that actually work. And you only have to pay for the actions that you want people to take when faced with your ads. If you want to get more clicks to your website, that’s the action you’d pay for — nothing else.
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    Not sure how that relates to being given a choice but not being allowed to make that choice?
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    If you haven't already signed up, go to ads.twitter.com to sign up for an advertiser account. Then, you can either select the blue "Compose Tweet" button or go to the new "Creatives" tab and select "Tweets":
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