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Hi all,
I have a quick query that I am hoping you can help me with.

I run a small business where I organize cycling holidays / training camps. I have struggled to attract any significant number of cyclists even tough I provide a well priced package in a great location. I have tried email campaigns to club secretaries, but with little success.

What I am considering doing is using the small business facebook page which I have for my business and post an advertisment for upcoming camps this autumn on the facebook page of many cycling club websites which I have 'liked' and do not restrict public posting.

I have a couple of questions on this approach:
1) Is this ethical? Will it seem spamy? Will people be turned off by such tactics? (just thinking that if everyone had my idea, it could be a turn off for club members)

2) Any advice or ideas on the tone of the message would be greatly appreciated. I had planned on a short intro with careful wording so as not to make it seem spamy. I would detail quickly what I offer, provide a link, and share a youtube video on the post (a promotional one that I made that will get the juices flowing in cyclists). Any advice on this is much appreciated

3) Any other ideas or suggestions as to how to reach my target audience of cycling club members via any meduim would be very much appreciated. Marketing unfortunately is my weak point, but I am keen to learn.

Thanks a lot for your time,
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    I would network with other fb groups. Let them know they can advertise on your page and vice versa. If you do post on someone else' page, the comment should be an honest positive remark about the subject. Build a rapport/relationship or it will be spam and potentially make enemies. Goodluck
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    I'd say...don't think of Facebook as a sales generation too. Think of it as a lead generation tool. If you're looking at cycling holidays, think about what these cyclists care about. Give them valuable content, maybe create a pdf of "the top 10 cycling locations in LA" or something (base it on what your audience cares about). Then share this pdf on the groups, run ads, etc. Use a landing page to collect email addresses for people who want to download the pdf. And then use that email list to sell your packages.
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    Frankie, Frankie, Frankie

    Listen very closely to what I'm about to tell you and your cycling business will explode:

    It's not about price, or packages or locations, or features, or benefits. That's not why people join clubs or buy products

    Do this ----- If you really want to get cyclists juices flowing and not seem spammy you must write a summary or make a YouTube video explaining WHY you started this business. WHY are you passionate about cycling? WHY did you create this cycling club? WHY do you organize cycling holidays?

    It sounds like cycling is your passion. Well...turn your passion into a movement by getting clear on WHY you are in business in the first place. You are having a disconnect with cyclists because you have not shared your story yet. Your story is your WHY.

    The reason why Apple Computers is so successful is because they share their WHY they are in business. Apple is not a company, it is a movement.

    What is your story? Share it... WHY do you believe so strongly in cycling? Share it.... What is your vision for the future of your business? Share it. People will identify with your struggles that led you to cycling. Share it. What is your vision for cyclists? Share it...This will create a connection with other people who have similar stories, beliefs, and visions that you have.

    Do this and your business will begin to explode because you will attract people who believe what you believe, people who share your same values, people who have had similar stories and struggles. Your business will become a movement. People will join your club and buy from you based on something that is bigger than you and themselves.

    Dig deep, think hard, and start writing or start talking into the camera and share yourself with those you wish to attract------other


    Once you have done this re-do your email campaign to club secretaries and you will have their hearts and they will send people to you left and right. Once you learn how to communicate to the heart your business will thrive. Post your WHY on cycling club websites and people will be drawn to your story, your vision, your beliefs about cycling and why everyone should get involved.

    If you want examples of my WHY that attracts people to my business just let me know and I will be happy to share my example with you.

    You have just been introduced to what I call Attraction Marketing. This is what I teach small business owners.

    What exactly is this guy into?

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      Many thanks to all of you for the replies. it is very much appreciated. Plenty of useful info there for me to work on.

      solowthe1: I was especially interested in the concept of attraction marketing which was new to me. I have been doing some further reading about it online and will pursue it further.

      In the meantime, I would be extremely interested to hear exapmple of your 'why' that attracts people if you'd care to share them.

      Many thanks once again
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