How to Mass Distribute Content on Social Media?

by mmarc
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Hello Warriors

How would you go about distributing Blog Post on social media to get maximum number of eye balls?
- what process would you use?
- what tools would you use?
- would you use any agencies (any links)
- if you could pay someone to help you doing that who would you hire?
Big thanks in advance
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    it's a good question man. I think the first step...and this is the part that nobody really wants to mess with is the part where you actually have to build up that social media profile with a following of people who actually give a crap when you post an article.

    I will tell you one thing, just a single built up profile on any one of these social media platforms is much better than having 50 profiles that are not built up at all and you are sharing in all these locations.

    Largely things will go unnoticed until you build up the profiles and connect with some of the people using the site.

    So i guess ultimately it comes down to this. You have to build it before it becomes effective or automated.
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    @zerofatreturns True.I have committed this mistake of making profiles on 5 social media sites.NONE worked. Its the toughest race from gaining 0 - 500 'likes'
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      Hootesuite and IFTTT can help distribute posts on multiple social media platforms. Goodluck
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    Only wire is another program that you can post automated articles on social media, but you need to be careful with setting the schedule, because when you click post, they send that articles 5 times in 5 sec, it happen to me and my Facebook account get blocked. I didn't knew exactly how to work with that tool that's why goes bad, but if you are more careful it can help your business.
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    First you have to get people interested in your post by using a catchy title and marketing it in the correct Facebook groups that are in your niche. There is even a way you can post you blog link in multiple groups with just a few clicks. The most important thing is grabbing your audience's attention.

    Process: Step 1 - Build an audience. Be social. Post social stuff like lifestyle images. Do you skateboard? post that image along with some text about where you were. Do you take Kung Fu? Post that. Post what you do in you life.

    This will attract people to you. Step 2 - Once you attract people that love what you post start sprinkling your blog links here and there. If you are blogging about your passion it should be easy for you to attract other people that share the same passion. Then the eyeballs flood gates will open.

    What tools? The best tool you can use is your own creativity. As I mentioned above there is a way you can post in multiple groups at the same time. It does not cost anything you just have to know how to do it. If you use auto post tools test it out on your own group that you created first to make sure it works right.

    Who would I hire? If yo mean outsourcing research oDesk and Elance for a virtual assistant. That way you can free up your time to enjoy more days at the beach.

    What exactly is this guy into?

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