How to drive traffic my my site from social media?

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Social media help in business traffic But I don't know how? Please help. I want to do it for my business page Brandon Brice, effectively.
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    The video you posted isn't opening for me, anyways coming to your question:

    If you manage social media well, yes it does help in driving traffic to your website. Use social media to know your audience and connect with them by posting quality content regularly, replying to their queries, and keeping them entertain. Once your audience trusts you, you can slowly start to redirect them to your website to certain useful posts, or you can hold contents and get their addresses, you can also give free giveaways like a E-book to get them to your site.

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    Here is the check list...

    Viral Content Buzz
    Yahoo Answer

    You should read this resource list here: How to get quick traffic to your new blog post
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    In a nutshell...
    • Establish your brand's website
    • Add lots of good content to your website
    • Build a Facebook page that matches the branding of your website
    • Run a continuous "Like" campaign to build your audience
    • As your audience grows, begin sharing your website content on your Facebook page
    • Build a relationship with your fanbase
    • Soft-sell to your audience (avoid the hard sell)
    • Make money
    I've followed this strategy to build several successful online brands. It is effective and scalable.

    Shoot me a message if you have questions.

    Tom Mitchell
    Wolf Web Marketing
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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    Social Media Listening
    Monitor for buying indication terms and reply with helpful links
    Listen for recommendation requests and share helpful links
    Listen for discussions of your product or category and provide web links
    Share relevant web content with prospects

    Social Content
    Include a strong call to action in all content
    Tie content together so an ebook links to a relevant blog post which links to a topical webinar Divide a piece of content into multiple Slideshare presentations that link to your site

    Social Media Engagement
    Link back to your landing page for conversion
    Answer all questions
    Share peer referrals
    Optimize your site and blog for mobile viewers

    Social Media Ads
    Use a Facebook ad or promoted Tweet
    Link back to dedicated landing pages for conversion
    Create an ad on LinkedIn linking to a lead generation form on your site

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Link content and similar keywords throughout your social channels
    Use keywords on social media to provide a clear idea of the topic
    Use the same keywo
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    To get quality traffic from social media you will have to share quality content on daily basis.Sort out their queries.
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    It varies for what social media platform your using.

    I'd suggest sticking w/ one and mastering that one first then moving to others.

    I'd recommend Facebook first because it's one of the largest, and youtube as well.

    You can start a like campaign there & target other websites that are your same niche that have fanpages.

    For any social media website though, you'll want to provide quality content, engage with your audience, continue to build your audience, and stay consistent with it.

    Consistancy is probably the hardest part for a lot of people, but do this for 30 days, and then it'll become a habit.
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    Few things you can do:
    • Post text & links to your article on every social network like: FB, Twitter, Google Plus, Newsvine, Myspace etc..
    • Post your related content and link to relevant LinkedIn groups that you’re a member of.
    • Submit your posts to Reddit.
    • Submit your posts to StumbleUpon.
    • Send DMs to people whom you mention or link to in your post (see the “ask” section below for more details on this technique)
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    Like many companies, we are having great sucess with Facebook ads. Some companies are paying less then 5 cents per click to target an ad that targets specific business groups, customer interests, finanical ability or other social media behavior. This targeting is even more thorough then Google Adwords. This is the best PPC ROI in the industry. The time is act is now, as the more people that become aware of Facebook ads- the more the cost per click will eentually increase. I hope this helps.

    Kim Murphy, President
    Designz23 Marketing and Development

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    All are excellent informations!
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  • Hello davidweb09

    To increase traffic with social need to share all of your social accounts all the articles you write in your business page, always respond in real time to questions of your followers and answer the questions you pose.
    Be interactive and creates a relationship of trust with them.

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    You don't need to create 9283589325892358932589 accounts and post BS / Spam on every single one of them as well.

    You can use the core social media sites..Twitter, FB , Instagram and maybe even pinterest. Start creating engaging posts. Obviously you can have the best post out there but it doesn't do anything if you don't know how to get people to your site. So what are some ways? There's spending $$ on ads on these social media platforms and targeting the right audience... There's hashtags that you can type and you can then reach out to those people message them / direct message them / etc. etc. and let them know about your site. You can follow people and hope that they follow you back. Remember, just cause you have a social media page and post on it doesn't mean jack squat. You have to reach out for others to see it.

    RIP Dad Oct 14 1954 - Mar 14 2015.

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    Originally Posted by davidweb09 View Post

    Social media help in business traffic But I don't know how? Please help. I want to do it for my business page Brandon BriceBrandon Brice, Mr. Brice, Brandon Brice on GRITtv with Jeff Madrick, Sam Seder - Video Dailymotion, effectively.

    There are many ways but your should organize them in the following categories.

    1. Social Media Listening
    2. Social content
    3. Social Media Engagement
    4. Social Media Ads
    5. Social Media Measurements
    6. Search Engine Optimization
    7. Community Management
    8. Influencer Relations
    9. Video
    10. Thought Leadership.

    For more help consult
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    Post text & links to your article on every social network like: FB, Twitter, Google Plus, Newsvine, Myspace etc.
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    When working with social media, have in mind several things:
    • Bild a relationship with your audience
    • Know what your followers are interested in
    • Provide them rleveant uniqe content of highquality
    • Repeat the step above constantly

    There's a bulletproof strategy right there
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    Use high pr social sites and share always quality content with attractive images to promote your website.
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    Social Media is good option to drive traffic on your business website. They provide you the best way to engage with your audience directly. I'm mention some few point here, that are really effective to get higher traffic on your business website:
    • First you need to create a business page in all social media platforms
    • Start a blog
    • Share your content and business product or services on that page
    • Engaged with your target audience
    • Reply your audience queries personally
    Focused on theses steps, surely you'll get traffic on your website.
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    For social media, you need to make a proper plan. You can plan small updates along with the related images for social media.
    In social media, users got easily fascinated with images and good presentation of content. You should first understand the behavior of your target audience i.e what they like what type of information they read more etc. On that basis, you can plan your social media content and share with your users.

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