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I have a competitor profile on twitter with more than 25k followers and I want to follow them all.. Is there any tool for that actually ?
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    I think this may be what you're looking for. I found it on the first page of Google. Looks pretty legit and simple.

    Follow Competitors Followers

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    There is plenty out there. Like Markeeter did, just do a Google Search.

    But take it a step further. Instead of just blindly following people who you want as followers, why don't you follow people who can help you build your following in a more organic way.

    Here's an example. If you start following randomly you will quickly be seen as a spammer and your reputation is going to drop tremendously. And those types of followers are low value because they have so much going on in their feeds that they wont see your updates. So why don't you focus on following people who have about 1000 followers already.

    If they follow you back now you have a platform for promotion. Build a relationship with them. Comment on their tweets. Retweet their constructive tweets. Have constructive opinions, and add your great knowledge in the niche as an addition to their tweets. This will get you notice and you'll be on your way to building a relationship with someone who already has 1000 followers.

    1000 followers is a good number because more than that means that they probably get too many comments already to notice you at a personal level. If you are interacting with them, and you are being constructive, they'll start doing the same on your tweets. This is why it's important to post valuable tweets filled with golden value. Because it will give you the springboard to get that engagement from people with a following. And it will entice them to follow you back as well.

    They will start retweeting your updates because they will like you and your updates are super valuable. If you have plenty of relationships like these your twitter will grow on its own. And you won't be followed by a bunch of spammers who are only following you because you are following them but they never really read their feeds. People who want to read your tweets will follow you instead.
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    Twitter is rather dynamic in that regard. Out of those 25k followers maybe only half (or less) are active today. So you will be following those "dead" accounts for no reason.

    Use instead. Just flush the ones that do not follow back and add fresh ones every now and then. As far as that competitor, just follow the recent 1000 - 2000 followers and you will do just fine.

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    Never be afraid to stand on the shoulders of giants.

    If a successful competitor has a lot of followers, then you might find that some of them will follow you back if you follow them.

    After all, you do have the same interests.
    BlastFollow - Free tool to auto-follow people on Twitter who share your interests.
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    Following followers of competitors is good advice. I have found they are not all niche followers like you'd expect, but a good portion usually are.
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    Actually, I would take a different tack.

    Simply reverse engineering your competition's Twitter followers is not going to cut it.

    You have to understand that most of the people on Twitter have really high burnout rates.

    If you're going to be running after consumers, I'm afraid your Twitter campaign might hit the rocks.

    That's the reality.

    You can ask people who would give you straight answers, and that's what they would tell you.

    Chasing after consumers on Twitter is a fool's errand.

    The best approach would be to focus on the followers list and look for influential people.

    Look for people who are influence leaders in the niche you're targeting.

    These are the people that can send you targeted traffic.

    These are the people you want to impress.

    These are the people you want to become credible to.

    Simply trying to pad your following list with random people is not going to do much unless of course you're Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, or some other celebrity.

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    I have to agree with writeaway's post here. They definitely point out the important idea that you want their most important and influencial followers to follow you. People are followers by nature- so they'll follow the leaders. If the leaders of their following base get on your side, the rest will follow without as much effort.
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    There are a lot of tools to follow someone else's followers in the hopes of getting them as followers as well. You need to decide if you want an online or a local tool, if you want it to do just that or other things as well and see what price is good for you.
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