Broadcasting to a select group of one's own Facebook friends

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I'm pretty stupid when it comes to Facebook, so please don't pounce on me too hard. I want to know if this is possible, or perhaps if it already exists.

It looks like Facebook already has a broadcast mechanism for phones, (but not the website?). Is there a way, (or can it be programmed), to allow one's own (existing) friends to opt-in to a specific list, and then broadcast to that list? I'm not talking about spamming them; I want friends to voluntarily choose to receive certain kinds of messages. I'm also not talking about extending one's reach beyond one's existing circle of friends; this is not really lead generation in the traditional sense.

If it doesn't already exist, is this an app that one could develop? Where would the database (of who is subscribed to which list) physically exist?

Thanks in advance!
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