Facebook Advertising Optimization - How do YOU do it?

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Attention all experienced FB marketers.....

How are you guys optimizing your active FB campaigns?

A) Optimizing the current campaign when you make adjustments to bid/budget/demographics/age/ etc?

B) Start a new Ad Set for each adjustment including bids, budget, demographics, age, etc?

C) A little of both. Making adjustments to the bid/budget on the main campaign, however starting new ad sets when segmenting down the main campaign by demographics, age, gender, etc?

Again.....to reiterate, I am not speaking about starting a new campaign with your demographics already segmented. I am speaking of those who already have a semi-successful campaign and want to optimize it more by making adjustments to bids/budgets/demographics.


I am finding a lot of conflicting information with the overwhelming majority of "FB advertisers" in relation to what Facebook support reps preach. Most FB advertisers make their changes to the main campaign and maybe segment demographics within their own ad sets when needed.

HOWEVER, according to Facebook reps, you need to leave your campaigns alone and not make ANY changes to them. When changes to the bid/budget/demographics (age, gender, etc) need to be made, you must always create a new ad set for them, as they claim that making changes to the LIVE campaigns will disrupt the FB algorithm......regardless if its only a bid or budget adjustment.

There seems to be a huge difference between what advertisers are doing and what FB reps are preaching.
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    I tend to follow option B. I create entire new campaign sets for different demographics. I feel like different ads are going to appeal to different people, and rather than editing old ads, I should be targeting different audiences with new ones.
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    I create new ad, but sometimes I just make changes to the current campaign. It all depends on the niche I'm promoting.

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