Autoposting on Facebook? Your thoughts?

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I'v seen a hell of a lot of people use auto posters for Facebook groups and wanted to get your opinion.

Have you had results with auto posting? Or is it a waste of time?

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    It's only worth doing if you have a fanbase of many, if so, it will save you a lot of time posting content from your website.

    It may also be a bit of a rigmarole to set it up, you first need to create an app as a developer if I remember correctly.

    If using WP, the Nextscripts plugin works flawlessly, with many other sites too.

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  • For me, it's waste of resources and it does not bring the same results as it was manually. But that is just my opinion, many marketers use these tools, but as I've seen sometimes your posts are not approved as they are not according to the groups audience and when you are doing it manually then you can tweak them.
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    It does work if you follow the posting guidelines of facebook to avoid spamming...that is posting to much information in a short time which might lead to account suspension and blocking.

    Most of the facebook posting software tools are priced in accordance to the developers plan.
    Before using the i suggest you first use a free posting strategy of collecting facebook group email addresses and send your ads to those groups in form of mails.
    In short it does work if you use it correctly

    I am a passionate internet marketer, blogger with great love for networking with like-minds

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    It depends a lot on the niche and how you do it. If you try spamming a lot of groups those days are quite over as Fb has been penalizing a lot of accounts for that. If you do it the right way, join relevant groups in your niche, share your fb page post or share high quality stuff this will work though as the traffic is still there.
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    Recently got suspended from posting to Facebook Groups. I was using an Auto-Post software and was posting to open groups that allow ads. The problem you might face is posting to the wrong group, doing it too often, posting the same content frequently or someone complains. I would not recommend it.

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      Wouldn't it be better to focus your time on building up reputable traffic strategy like posting youtube video's etc?


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    It's a question of scale. If you are running 1 site with 1 fan page, then do it manually.

    If you are running hundreds of sites with set-and-forget fan pages, then you need autoposting.
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    I don't see why it's a waste of time. Posting your site link to targeted groups could increase your traffic. Nothing bad about it.
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    Facebook just suspended me from posting to Facebook Groups for 14 days. Any word of advise?
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    I think, if you have a large following base then autoposts for Facebook can work to your advantage and keep them engaged. If not, autoposts will only de-personalize your page and deter prospective followers. Autoposts should always be supplemented with actual posts as well.
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    I think with the automatic posting software is very helpful, but do not post on the group that is not in accordance with the product you are selling, it would make a lot of people will complain to you. to this day I still use my automated posting software, specifically for facebook.
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    I don't like it, I always prefer yo do this kind of work manually. Sure, it's time consuming, but I trust myself a lot more than I trust an automatic software!
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