How to increase Facebook reach? $$$

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Hello Friend,

I want your help.... I have few Facebook pages, and on some pages reach is ~10% but on some pages is less than 1%. I posting good and relevant posts only, also all liners are natural
Is there any method to Increase reach?

Thanks in Advance
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    Facebooks algorithm is based on something called "Edge Rank" google it and do some reading. Posting good content daily is a good way to increase your reach. You need to be consistent with your page and audience for your reach to build.

    When first building a page, don't post links. Links by far receive the least amount of reach and I believe makes you work harder to regain that reach.

    I would advise that you consistently post eye capturing, engaging images / infographics with your audience. Facebook is a very image heavy platform.

    I also recommend spending a dollar a day boosting your posts if you can. It will help you reach a few more people who like your page, etc.
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    Posting engaging content is really important. However, you need to make sure you're posting it when your fans are online.

    See this link to find out when most of your fans are active on Facebook: How To Find When Your Facebook Fans Are Online | Klood
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    In your page insights, you can find the peak time when most users are active. Like Michael S M said, that's when you have the highest chances of your posts getting noticed. Depending on what your page is about, you can always post relevant quote posters since they have the highest chance of getting noticed and shared. You have to patient. dedicated and consistent.
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    This is the edge rank.

    Reach can be increased very much by having real active facebook fans (likes).
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  • How many fans does your fan page have?
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    Are the fans on the pages with low reach fake? Saw this happening a lot on facebook with 20k like but most of them being fake, of course the reach is low. If that's not the case and all likes are real and organic, just try to post higher quality content and try to engage them in commenting and sharing, in time the reach will increase
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    One of the most effective ways for brands to increase their organic visibility is to consistently post quality content.
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