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So since February this year, I've been using to answer questions and sometimes leave links back to my site.

It started really slow, but I would answer 1 or 2 questions per day using the iPhone app when I was on the toilet or on the bus lol. Sooner or later I started to see traffic coming in to those links.

Then, I decided to start posting links from blog posts from a blog I created ON QUORA. This brought in some more traffic but not by much. I think it would be really high converting traffic if I could get more Quora users on my Quora blog.

Does anyone have any tips for getting your blog posts on Quora upvoted and shared a lot? I'm trying to increase the ammount of views each post gets.

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    I'd suggest you feature a regular giveaway, or contest on your blog. When you offer your blog posts in the community, people will start catching on to the idea that you have some cool activity going on there, and they'll start peeking in to see what's new.

    Of course, try to then capture visitors for your email list.

    And don't overlook the power of retargeting.

    Put a FB pixel on your blog so you can build a FB custom audience and boost posts pointed to that audience (which will, of course, include your Quora visitors).
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    I have used quora for getting traffic and it really works. I have also started slowly. I was answering 4-5 question per day. At the starting I never tried to post any links. If you can use Quora properly it can helps you to get traffic.
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    Quora is good platform for Q&A. But one of the most important thing you should to know that when should you paste the link in your answer?
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    Quora has huge traffic, it's one of the most popular Q&A websites. If you know how, you can definitely use that.

    I pasted a few links on quora, nothing planned, and I got around 5 visits, which was an okay result for an unplanned link posting
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    Quora is one of the best platform to share your knowlegde, connect with industry experts, increase B2B and B2C relationships. One can not only use Quora for promotional purposes. As a regular user on Quora, I noticed that if you are sharing good, detailed and valuable replies the users' queries then you will get good views, traffic for your blog posts as well as for your answers.

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    If you are using Quora to get free traffic to your website; your profile status is also a key factor which decides how much traffic you can get. As you mentioned you are only starting and you are getting decent traffic already from your efforts. Imagine the effect when your Quora profile become an established one. I am quite sure your quora traffic will get multiplied then. Not only that once that happens you will get more upvotes and comment to your answer which will again increase the traffic to your website.
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    I think the biggest learning for me with Quora was to stay consistent. Most of my first 4 weeks I received very few views (less than 100) but then I had a few take off and suddenly I was being featured and getting 100s of thousands of views.

    Keep it consistent and you’ll win.
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  • Yes,Quora is very popular Q & A site for get traffic and connection.You have to answer relevant and informative for get more traffic to your website.You can also create topic or group for more conversations or links. Follow others for get more followers and make sure answer correctly .
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    Quora is an amazing traffic source of relevant, targeted traffic that you can drive toward specific content on your website. Below are some tips on how you can use Quora:

    1) Create a killer profile. Create a headline in your bio that will make your profile stand out from other users. Then, add topics to your bio where you consider yourself an expert.
    2) Find the questions and answers that are attracting the most views and upvotes. Click through to any question and you’ll see option to write an answer.
    3) Carefully craft your answers. When answering questions, make sure you provide enough value to get upvotes and views.
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