How are you doing Instagram Marketing?

by NewVix
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I just wanted to know what was the best way to do instagram marketing
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    Originally Posted by NewVix View Post

    I just wanted to know what was the best way to do instagram marketing
    1: Add a Link to Your Instagram Profile
    The only place where you can put a clickable link on Instagram is in your profile, below your bio description.
    2: Showcase Products and Services
    Tell your business story through images and videos.
    3: Use Text Overlays on Images
    Another way to add pizzazz to your Instagram photos is to put a text overlay on your image. Whether you're sharing tips, promoting a sale or just branding a pic, this ensures people won't miss your message.
    4: Use Clear Calls to Action in Post Captions
    Use the post caption to enhance your post and convey a clear message to your audience.
    5: Add Hashtags
    To make the best use of your post captions and comments, include relevant hashtags on your Instagram posts. This will help increase your reach, engagement and overall visibility.
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    What are you trying to market? This would help to know.

    I'll assume it's some kind of eCommerce product or brand?

    1) Start a profile for your brand, add a quality description with contact info, website link, and a custom # for your brand. Invite people to share photos with you.

    2) Do research. Find your competitors, related accounts and brands, relevant hashtags, etc.

    3) Post some quality, dynamic photos of products. It's best to make these lifestyle shots rather than standard static product shots. Use models, etc.

    4) Use your research and begin following people on your competitors account, relevant hashtags, etc. Like their photos, comment, etc. This is a long process. Sometimes I do it all day, every day, but it pays off well. It essentially pokes potentially interested parties.

    5) Step 4 is not entirely scalable. To gain mass appeal, you need to find very large accounts within your niche. Oftentimes these are photographer accounts. Send them your product, or pay them, in exchange for them taking a quality photo of the product and posting it on their account with links to your website and your instagram profile. THIS is the BEST way to grow your following quickly and drive sales.

    What not to do:

    1) Don't buy likes from third parties

    2) Don't post too much

    3) Don't post low quality content

    4) DON'T use text in images. DON'T. This is spammy and annoying. Only use text if you're running a specific sale or promotion.
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    Instagram got a Big communicate power.

    To do instagram marketing you must public image related with your brand, Of Course.
    ....But how increase their communication impact?

    Your msot important photos must express a concept consistent with your brand: your style, your vision, your personality must follow the same theme
    must be coerent with it.
    share experiences, Backstage, peolple....
    Try to inspire!!

    Always use Hashtags
    Below you BIO put a link to your website
    Follow profiles related with your activities (and try to be followed by them)

    Show some previews and sometimes give a little anticipation!

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    Read this article.
    Here you will find latest Instagram marketing strategy
    10 Instagram Marketing Tips to Make People <3 Your Brand | Wordstream
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    Does Instagram have paid ads like Facebook?
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  • Hello NewVix

    Public images that reflect your brand, using all the tools that Instagram offers, use all necessary hashtag, share images over others social like FB, Twitter, Pinterst.

    Good luck

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    I would suggest just finding people who already have established accounts in their niche, reaching out to them, and seeing if they would be interested in a partnership where they could make a certain amount of cash if they posted your link in their bio, or did a shoutout for you.

    Of course don't pitch right off the bat, but get to know them first, provide lots of value, and see if you guys would be a good fit to work together .
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    Originally Posted by NewVix View Post

    I just wanted to know what was the best way to do instagram marketing
    FYI, marketing using instagram is not applicable for all types of businesses.
    There are only certain products that work well on instagram.
    As an instagram user, hashtag is very important for me when looking for a certain thing, and also catchy images are attracts me.

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