traffic , FB Vs Twitter.

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which platform bring you more traffic ?

FB or Twitter?
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    Currently, FB. If you're trying to decide between the two, I'd recommend by starting off with FB. You'll find the overall traffic-quality to be higher.


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    Without a doubt FB.

    They're larger, and you can get a lot more targeted w/ them.
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      Originally Posted by Navyskater23 View Post

      Without a doubt FB.

      They're larger, and you can get a lot more targeted w/ them.
      how you all promote?

      I always post my post link to the group but I notice this will make my site bounce rate go very high in fact hmm.
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    Facebook is the best source of traffic for my properties.
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    Ofcourse Facebook has much traffic than Twitter and If you post a good quality content in a facebook group, indeed it will get a positive response in less duration and also drives traffic to your site.
    Nevertheless you can manage Facebook and Twitter at the same time by using some good social media management dashboard tools like Socioboard helps businesses and brands to better understand social media.
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  • Hello Devilfish168

    Without a doubt I think FB is the best platform company to increase your traffic, for me it was so '!

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    Compare to twitter, We can get more traffic from Facebook because you can share in Facebook groups also
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    It depends on how you use it, but I'd say Facebook.
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      Twitter for me is largely used for authority building.
      It also has good reach across some verticals (Marketing, Leadership, Personal Development, Celebrity)

      You can reach and interact with people you could not otherwise, and a good retweet from the right account will get you good exposure backlinks and some traffic.

      Twitter requires more active management (the half-life of a tweet is only 4-16 minutes)

      This means that most interactions will come immediately from it.

      Facebook has options for groups, and pages, as well as laser targeting for adspend. It is also standard for most businesses to have a facebook page.

      Id say unerstanding facebook traffic is a core competency to digital marketing.
      Twitter is good for niche domination, and outreach.

      Different platforms serve different purposes, and as always your mileage will vary.
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    There is no doubt in getting into confusion that which platform drives more traffic? Obviously that is FB. Twitter too drives traffic but as that is a trending approach of driving traffic, the visibility is pretty less as compared to FB.
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    i think Facebook is the best source of traffic .
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    Now a days Facebook brings lot of traffic on your website.I always prefer Facebook to share my blogs and other content.
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    It depends on your business type, of course. If you promote some kind of products, then it's Facebook. And if you're a blogger, you may possibly receive more traffic from Twitter, if only you have a lot of followers...
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      fb is the strong platform to bring traffic to your website instead of twitter is little complicated and not interesting feature for common people
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        Facebook is a mulch-purpose social networking platform, allowing users to chat, post photos and notes, and play games. Facebook features include Friends, Fans, Wall, News Feed, Fan Pages, Groups, Apps, Live Chat, Likes, Photos, Videos, Text, Polls, Links, Status, Pokes, Gifts, Games, Messaging, upload and download options and others. Advertising supported in the form of banner ads, referral marketing, casual games. We can "Like", "Share", or "Comment"

        Twitter is built around the posting of short 140 character messages, or "tweets" Twitter include Tweet, Re-tweet, Direct Messaging, Follow People, Links, Photos, Videos. In this Advertising supported in the form of promoted tweets

        They are the two most popular social networking websites in the world. If used in correct manner both can generate equal traffic.
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    Facebook is maybe the better way to get targeted visit on your website!

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    Facebook brings more traffic than Twitter.
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  • Facebook is the best in terms of traffic and business .Because it is used in every countries in this world.Most of the user are regular and passionate about it .It is the smooth and secure way to generate traffic easily.
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    Both are the best social media sites to generate traffic. But, In my opinion Facebook is nowadays generating more traffic and business as compared to twitter.
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    Facebook by far. I just can't convert anything coming in from Twitter !
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