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Hey guys!

I just wanted to share some information on marketing with Tumblr that I have found very profitable. I'm sure that most of you are marketing on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. but most aren't on Tumblr. The cool thing that I have found out about Tumblr is that people are far more likely to follow and most importantly, RE-SHARE content. For those of you who aren't familiar with Tumblr, it is a social network that you can create your own blog and post out content. The thing that is separates Tumblr from most social sites is that Tumblr profiles are more anonymous than profiles on sites such as Facebook. When someone sets up a blog they usually just re-share viral content that is floating around the internet rather than posting personal content. Which is why it is so great for marketing! I'm going to be going over a couple steps that you can use when starting to market on Tumblr.

Step 1:

Set up a Tumblr account, and leave your account alone for 24 hours.

Step 2:

Look for another account with a lot of followers that is related to your niche. You can search Tumblr or you can do a google search for "tumblr tagged (your niche)" this will bring up all of the posts that are related to your niche.
For example:
If I am in the bodybuilding niche, I will search in google "tumblr tagged bodybuilding"

From then you will click on one of the posts related to your niche that has a lot of likes/re-shares and follow all of the people that have liked/re-shared that post.
People will be notified that you have followed your blog and see that you have a blog that is related to a niche that they are already interested in and follow you back.
I would recommend following about 200 people per day (if you follow more than 200 Tumblr might see you as a spammer) for a month.

Step 3:
Make sure that you are posting niche related images. You can find great viral images from sites like Reddit, Pinterest, google images or even re-post other niche related images from Tumblr.
Tumblr allows you to add a link in the description of your post, so you can add links back to your website or links that prompt people to follow your Tumblr account.

Another cool feature about Tumblr is that it allows you to schedule your posts, so you can find a ton of images and then schedule a couple to go out per day for the next month. This is a great way of automating your account! The more frequent you have posts sent out, the more likes, re-shares and followers you will accumulate.

Building up a Tumblr account can take time, but it is definitely worth it! It is a great way to drive tons of targeted traffic to your site as well as build backlinks. You will find that if people really like the content that you are posting, they will share the content with other social media sites, as well as forums, blogs, etc. Tumblr is also great for those who are trying to build up a YouTube channel. You can upload videos to Tumblr and if people like the content they will like and re-share!

Hope this helps!
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