Facebook fanpage as a blog ?

by Moto
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Is this something that Facebook even allows ? Going this route seems a lot easier than setting up a separate blog about my niche , posting links and content here would seem to me to be what a Fan page is all about , any thoughts ?
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    Originally Posted by Moto View Post

    Is this something that Facebook even allows ? Going this route seems a lot easier than setting up a separate blog about my niche , posting links and content here would seem to me to be what a Fan page is all about , any thoughts ?
    How would you monetise it though?

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      this idea I use to have.

      I was thinking why set up a website..posting contents..whereas I can just post straight on my Facebook page ( act like a website )

      but slowly I noticed a lot " restrict " sometimes you want to add third party ads ...or whatever.

      Facebook page cannot.

      well this is my thoughts.

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        Not the worst idea in the world- you can use the Facebook "Notes" app to blog and it gets shown to others more than an update - also can use HTML etc.
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        The fanpage is already set up as my own website name , and there is a link to my squeeze page on all my posts ..I would only be posting my own content about my niche and so would not be promoting anyone else,s offers directly on the fanpage , it would just be an information resource with a permanent link to just my own squeeze page , so I hope that there would be no problems with restricted content .
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    I think you can use it in such a way but I doubt that it will help you improve your income as in case for a separate website or a Blog. If you think that your content is important for your fans then I think you should go for a separate blog or website, it would be much better than a FB Fanpage. Also having separate Blog creates a good impact on readers mind.
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      My apologies to this sites mods , sorry I just realised I should have posted this in the social media section
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    Why would you want to build your house on someone else's land? Don't get me wrong - Facebook is great and I use it to drive thousands of visitors to my websites (where I sell stuff, collect emails, etc) - but why wouldn't you want all that traffic on your own site, where you can do whatever you want without restrictions?

    It takes literally less than 4 hours to build a well-designed website. If you don't have the technical know-how or design skills, you can hire someone to build you a such a site for less then $200.

    Don't build your entire presence on Facebook. It's a bad idea. Use Facebook to drive traffic to your website instead. It's not nearly as complicated as you think.
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    wolfmmiii is right. There 's no reason why you can't build the site on your own domain with cheap hosting. You control the content, and the way its promoted. That promotion could include linking the post to a FB page. Use Facebook Auto Publish WP plugin to send posts to a FB page, then promote the page through FB ads Like campaigns. A lot of viral sites do it like that to an extent, and they are VERY lucrative. ViralNova and Upworthy come to mind, two extremely popular sites based on that Viral/FB model.
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    I would not do this.

    1 > FB owns the real estate, as wolfmmiii has pointed out above. It can be taken away from you at any time. I've seen it happen.

    2 > FB doesn't like outbound links to your own sites. Not sure if this matters in an affiliate situation, but I'd rather avoid the whole mess entirely.

    3 > Unless you pay, you get very low visibility on FB. I have a company page, and it will get less than 3% engagement on new non-promoted posts. Now, it is not a LOCAL business, and that is a factor, but it's still terrible.

    4 > The Search function for FB is ungainly and difficult to find and use. How will readers access your previous content? On your own blog, you can tag and categorize. The Search function in Wordpress works much better.

    5 > Branding, sidebar options and internal advertising are MUCH easier to do on your own site. You have very little control on FB...once they scroll down, your header is gone. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Make your own blog.
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      I think Jason and Wolf are right on target.

      It can definitely help to have a Fan Page. You can build traffic with cheap FB ads and the chance of going viral can happen more rapidly than a traditional website if you do it right

      - Robert Andrew
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        Thanks for all the comments everyone , I will go ahead and build a blog , I already have unlimited hosting so might as well use it , and as many of you have pointed out , with my own blog I make the rules and can decide to put whatever I want there , I will keep the fan page going as it costs me nothing and still is very valuable as another tool in the box . Thanks very much for all the quality information everyone
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    You could have a blog and a Facebook fan page while posting your blog updates to your fan page.
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  • You can use your fan page as a blog using Notes app. The key is having thousands of fans that are avid for your content. Other than that if you post only on it but you have not fans enought you won't succeed.
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    Better is to connect you blog with a page of facebook!

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