How i get people interested in my FB page again?

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I got 50k likes but 3k people just talk about it right, how can i go to 20k who talk about it?

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    Are the 50k likes real? How were they gotten?
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    Try new and different ways of engagement. Have you tried using polls and contests? Are you strategically writing your posts in a way that would help people to comment? I saw a product once, I believe it was FBGorilla (im not saying buy this product) that allowed users the ability to put Flash games on your timeline, this might keep people on your FP longer and more engaged. Look into how this could be achieved.

    Hope this helps
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    Facebook is a funny thing at times because it can take absolutely no effort to engage in something once and then never follow up.

    Look at event invites. You might get 100 people indicating attendance (because it takes no effort to do so) but then 30 show up (because it takes effort to do so).

    It's not dissimilar with fans. As Wolfmmiii mentioned, the source of the likes is extremely important right off the bat. Were they paid for? If so, they may very well be useless from an actual engagement standpoint.

    If they were built up organically, you can further delve into how. For instance, did you use some sort of contest or giveaway to generate them? If so, a huge portion of those fans likely checked out the second they clicked the button.

    Finally, you've got to be realistic about the amount of engagement you're going to get from the group to begin with. For instance, having 20,000 out of 50,000 people "talking" about your page would be an incredible accomplishment, and there are plenty of big name, big dollar companies that would kill to have that level of engagement from their fans.

    Trying to get 40% of your fans engaging socially is a great goal, but you've got to be realistic about the fact that is isn't very likely. Remember that when you post something, only a small fraction of your fans will ever see it come up in their timeline to begin with, because Facebook throttles the reach on your posts.

    In the end, if you're looking to engage more of your fans, it all comes down to content, content, content.
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    you should interact with other pages or throught your post!
    For example you could ask questions or riddles!

    you should post great photo related to your niche, show people, place, stories, successes!

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    I read a statistic on a social media analysis report that stated around 90% of the most shared post on facebook contained Images. So in order to get more user engagement post more intriguing images as opposed to text. Even if you are trying to drive traffic to your site, simply post the title of the article as an image first with a graphic just to catch more interest.

    Also shocking and provocative post generate more user engagement as well.
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    you must post related to your niche, and don't spam.
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    You need to posts that makes your followers interact with you. Check out the ones that gets most response in your niche
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    Oh that is great.Can you share tips?
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    Upload real videos and images this gives you some more traffic
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