How to wake up my inactive FB pages?

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I have a few FB pages that were not particularly active during the last few months (I've hardly posted anything onto them)...

When I started to post again, a few days ago, I noticed that the exposure rate (number of people who reached) is pathetically low...

Any ideas on how do I get back to the "average" exposure rate of 10% - 20% of the fans?

Thanks, Roni
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    Start publishing some GOOD content to the pages ("link" posts are historically best for engagement). After posting quality content, boost a few of the posts (throw $5 at a few of them).

    This will get your posts some exposure. If the content is engaging, your readers will interact, increasing your reach.

    Good luck!

    PM me if you have any questions.

    Tom Mitchell
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    Facebook is removing likes from deactivated/deleted accounts and has had an ongoing policy of removing likes which appear to originate from click farms. You will have recently been notified about the removal of likes from deleted accounts on your page's settings menu. to fix this it is better to start posting quality and interesting content.
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    You need to concentrate on the quality of your publications. You need to motivate your followers start interact with your publications (likes, shares etc) so their activity will be in their timeline and at the same time their friends will see that. Such interaction increases your EDGE rank.
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  • Have you joined FB groups related to your niche?
    If you are participating in groups, this can gain likes and traffic. Find people asking questions and look for posts with at least 5 comments on them. Answer their question (make sure you are using FB as your page) - something like: yeah that is a big problem but I found this solution if you want to take a look. You can link to a blog you wrote. When you post, everyone who has already commented will get notified of a new comment (yours).
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    You can try to join groups, to invite people, to share your FB posts in other social media, where you have much activity. Good luck!
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