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I looking at my anlyatics on YT. I get 76% of views from "suggestion videos" Only 6.6% from searches. I am thinking that ranking videos is not as good as being put on suggestion videos.

Does anyone have a strategy to help optimize my channel to be put into more suggestion videos of top channels or highly viewed videos? How do u gear my whole channel for that not just 1 or 2 videos. I have over 70 videos that I created.
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    The only way to get suggested on highly viewed videos is to have a highly viewed video yourself.

    If you're video is not optimized to go viral i.e. based upon a trending topic, sensational, triggers emotion among other things you shouldn't expect a ton of traffic coming to your videos in the first place.

    If you are producing normal informational videos your audience is going to be based upon a more long term catalogue of videos as opposed to any one video.
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    That's your analytic, i'm not saying being suggested is bad, but both would be great synergy, by assuming that way would limit your self.

    I think you should check your video ranking for the relevant keywords first, so we can know why search accounts only 6 percent of the traffic.
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    Connect it with your Google Plus Account,
    post on blog and throught Social Network.

    Use impact titles and share throught social network, blog, sites!

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    A good way to get in the suggestions tab for very popular videos is to copy the exact same tags that were used by the owner of said popular video. Right click on the page, get the code and find the tags. I can't recall exactly how to do it, but you should definitely Google that.
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    Create unique and quality video to get you tube traffic.
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    As you will continue to get traffic from suggested video, your ranking will improve organically..
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    Well, are you even trying to rank videos for popular search terms? Expand on to even more search terms. Do some keyword research and make sure that what you're trying to rank for is even being searched so you're not wasting your time.

    Obviously your thumbnails and titles must be pretty good to be getting all of that traffic from the related videos. I'd keep trying to optimize for higher rankings and just think of the views from the related videos as a little added bonus.
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    To get traffic from suggested video:

    1 - Use descriptive title & search tags
    2 - Optimized your videos organically.
    3 - Use social share button to videos.
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    That's deadly split between your traffic source man, have you tried to play with youtube ads? Have been hearing great things about them lately..
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    Create quality and unique content to get website traffic and promotion.You tube is very important to share quality videos and your content.
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    I have a channel with a very similar split of traffic, and here would be my advice.

    Firstly, I think that search results weight number of views a video already has more strongly than suggested videos. So I wouldn't worry about why people aren't finding your videos in search just yet, that will come as your channel grows.

    I second an idea that was mentioned earlier about matching your tags to a similar, popular video. There's a free extension that does this, called TubeBuddy. Just go to a popular video and it displays the tags below it. Click "copy". Go to your video, and click paste. It's that easy.

    AB TEST YOUR VIDEOS. TubeBuddy also offers this, but it's only in the paid options. It allows you to find combinations of thumbnails / titles which are most appealing and get the most clicks, from whatever source and this will help rankings in both suggested videos and search.
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    There are a lot of tools out there that can analyse your niche and help you get targeted keywords.

    But if you wanna do it yourself you can simply type in the beginning of your keywords in the youtube search and the keywords that pop up first should be used as tags. Cause these are the ones people are using the most.
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    I still think it's a good split, why don't you just try to expand your suggested video network and be shown on other authority videos?
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    Getting the SEO right does not guarantee vitality. You can rank videos at the top of the first page and many factors still influence how many views you are going to get. Marketing is the key to getting views. Share, share, share

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    Use social media to increase your traffic use facebook, reddit, stumbleupon, Google+ , twitter etc are the best social media platform to get relevant traffic to your you-tube channel.
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    Well you can share it on different social networking sites which will helps to get more traffic on your video along with this you can syndicate the video in different video syndication sites.
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    there is any tool or website to increase subscriber, views and like on my youtube channel.
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    There are many ways to increase the traffic and views, If you didn't get organic traffic and views then you can buy you tube views, subscribers and shares online. It will increase your traffic as well as visitors on your YouTube video.
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    TOTALLY agree with these:

    1 - Use descriptive title & search tags
    2 - Optimized your videos organically.
    3 - Use social share button to videos.
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    YouTube traffic is very powerful but the problem here is that you need to produce videos that champion your brand.

    In other words, your videos shouldn’t like float from each other and shouldn’t be unrelated to each other.

    They all have to follow the same theme or have the same opening sequence.

    Think of it like your own personal tv series.

    When you watch the tv series Friends or Two and a Half Men, there’s an opening sequence.

    This is your brand.

    So, come up with an opening sequence that highlights your channel.

    Also, make sure that the description plays up your channel.

    Whatever you do, everything must lead to your brand.

    Everything must lead to building up demand for your brand, as well as, giving people clear clues as to the kind of quality your videos bring to the table.

    Otherwise, you’re simply wasting your time.

    There are a lot of YouTube marketers there that think that by simply filling YouTube up with unrelated junk, they would suck up traffic.

    I’m sorry to break this to you but such churn and burn strategies are not going to last much longer.

    If you want to play the YouTube marketing game, you need to start and end with quality.

    Focus on the value you’re bringing to the lives of your viewers.
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    Title of video needs to be more attractive to users. Use words like Best, Amazing, Shocking, Unbelievable but it needs to be relevant to videos.
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    yt is my best tool to make move on my site.
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    The things that you are passionate about make videos about those things.
    The quality of videos that you created must be good i.e. it must be audible and visible to the users.
    No copyright material must be there in your videos.
    The video must have the power to establish a connection with the viewers.
    Videos that you make must not be of very long duration.
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    once your videos go over the psychological target (it can be 100,000 views, it can be 1 million views) they start to be suggested in the results, so it has a rolling snowball positive effect, bringing views to your video for a lifetime
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    Create unique and interesting video to get you tube traffic.
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