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is reddit any good to post video links to get traffic ?
and is traffic from reddit easy ?
#reddit #traffic
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    Its not very easy to market on reddit without getting banned (without you even knowing your banned)
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      which is the best for high traffic?

      Originally Posted by pitgam View Post

      Its not very easy to market on reddit without getting banned (without you even knowing your banned)
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    It can work with videos. I've seen really popular video links on reddit. I think the key is to find the right subreddit for your video.

    Don't just go there to post your links. Join a community, become part of it, figure out what the dynamics are, make friends maybe... Up vote stuff that you like. Figure out what are the videos that people like and if your videos have the same characteristics. Then post your video and see how it goes.

    If your first video doesn't attract a lot of attention go back and try to find out why. Then try posting another video without committing the same mistakes you did the first time.

    Basically, don't just be a link poster, be a part of the community as well.
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    I am yet to meet someone who has made money from Redit traffic, following the thread!
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    A good subreddit to market on is "eFreebies". It'as actually made for self-promotion and you can link to an optin page without getting banned. I can't say leads are of really high quality though..
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    Reddit is a GREAT community to get traffic from.. you need to map out your approach though..
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    i am getting around 50 Page views daily from reddit.. it takes alot of time to dominate reddit.
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      It can drive a lot of traffic but it's like walking on eggshells to avoid getting banned. Takes a lot of time and effort, and you'll still get banned eventually anyway.

      Not worth the trouble, in my opinion. The traffic basically does not convert and does not stick around. Near 100 percent bounce rate, and zero interest in your ads or offers.

      Also, an exceptionally high rate of Adblock usage.
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    I use to get quite a bit of traffic with it. Me and a couple of e-buddies have a Reddit upvote group and would have to rent out new proxies every time we got banned. It can definitely drive massive amounts of targeted traffic, but it just stopped being worth it to me. I focused that energy elsewhere.
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    It's easy but need to spend time on research, follow the Reddit trends then post any thing.
    i got decent amount of traffic from it. Day by day it increases rapidly.
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    reddit is the best way to post video links and you get many other traffic from here
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    People don't like being sold to, but they certainly like free stuff. Offer them free stuff, expose them to your brand, place your url subtly. Don't sell, share. It's a community. If you don't provide relevant, contextual help, then it's spam.
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    Reddit provides a huge traffic to your website but post only in relevant subreddit and read the rule before posting.
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    Reddit for video? I don't know but it's a GREAT traffic source if you can ignite the conversation among the members..
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