How we can use social media as a tool for customer service ?

by raxix
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How we can use social media as a tool for customer service, this also helps us to increase our revenue and improve our business.
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    Just go back to the basics... Create pages on all social media platforms for your business and build a relationship with your followers. Post interesting and relevant things to establish a connection, then every now and then post a link promoting your business/services.

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    Depending on the type of business, customer service varies.

    1) I would suggest the same, create a page and invite all your customers to join. Or you can create a group and invite. But, choose your social media platform wisely based on where your customers hangout. Multiple networks is hard to manage for such goals.

    2) Marketers would be stretched too thin sometimes, and product expertise lies in various departments of the company.

    So, I suggest you invite all your product experts also to watch company pages/groups. They can answer depending on the type pf questions.

    1) Quick turnover to answer questions. That's customer service 101.
    2) Your customers get the feeling that they have access to everyone in the company and get getting the best answers for their questions. This is invaluable.

    Of course, beware and make sure your product experts share only publicly sharable information on these social networks.

    - Pushpa
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    you can make separate page of your organisation on all the social media sites that includes Facebook,twitter etc.. than you can share your page to get more n more likes and make long-life relation with your followers. for your page to be always active on social media site you must post attractive and important information on your page.
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