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Fellow Warriors,

I'm Newbie on warrior forum and need your help.
I wonder how can i get organic traffic from social media and to monetize it later.
Please suggest how can i play best what craving for?

Thanks in advance.
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    Create fan pages and post materials of some value for your followers. Don't think of just monetizing them . Apply the formula of give and take. Give first, something of real value, ,make relationship with them and then you can redirect them to your site for your offer and can monetize them.
    Remember, Love your followers, think of giving more and of taking less

    Hope this would help!


    I can help you with OptimizePress setup and provide you with complete membership site solutions.

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    I'll provide you with an excerpt from my free "The ONE-WEEK Business" course:
    • Decide on an audience you'd like to reach
    • Target a niche that interests that audience
    • Build a branded website around the niche
    • Build a matching Facebook fan page
    • Build a Fan base by running a "like" campaign
    • Share your website content on your fan page to drive traffic
    This is a tried and true method that literally works EVERY TIME when executed properly. The only requirement is that the niche be "social-friendly".
    Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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    YOu have different strategy to boost organic traffic via social media marketing and other various ways like: share readable content and target your relevant audience and etc.
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    You may also consider reading this valuable FREE eBook: Social Media Marketing 101. Like many other avenues of traffic generation, everything is a process so you need to spend a good effort but everything is worth it in the long run. Goodluck!
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    There are many ways for you to get social media organic traffic. Although it may take you time to see results, you just need to be patient about this one. You've got to make your social media profile attractive and complete. I will also recommend you to learn more about social media marketing by watching free videos on Youtube and reading blogs to get more ideas.
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    The best way is to stay updated on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin with attractive posts, news, events, images and videos. You will definitely get traffic from social media.
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    Choose the high quality websites.

    Write quality content with attractive title.

    Use sub titles.

    Content must be unique.

    Avoid duplicate content.

    Share your valuable content in social media channels like twitter, linkedin, google plus, facebook, delicious, stumbleupon, reddit, etc.

    Promote your website in the following tasks.

    Social Bookmarking and Networking

    Online Content Upload

    Blog Posting

    Press Release

    Participate in Questions and Answers, Forums, Groups and Communities

    Blog Commenting

    Article Submissions


    Business Listing

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    This definitive step by step guide helped me get started on social media: How To Be More Productive on Social Media (A Step by Step Guide)

    But it is going to take a significant amount of time and investment to build it to the point where it can be monetized...

    Patrick Antinozzi

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    Don't worry if you are new to here. I must tell you that social media is one of the best platforms' that help to generate huge traffic on a website within a moment. But what you need to focus on is the strategy you are applying on promoting a business over there.

    Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc are very popular and wants to have some interesting posts in their websites in order to engage the people in an online business for which the promotion has been done over there.
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    I suggest buy Instagram followers because as you see it is the top most marketing platform now a days,and then start marketing over there.
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    Latoon is no doubt a wonderful service. Quality and speed combines here. The website design they recently did for me is truely an examplary work. Thumbs up!
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    1. Build a big community with niche followers.
    2. Be social (Share, like etc) and share valuable content.
    3. Advert your business and drive traffic to monetize site.

    1. Don't buy fake followers
    2. Get niche followers and build your business
    3. Don't spam and gain trust
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    Hello Friends,

    Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+ and LinkedIn is a best way of get traffic and visitor your website..
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    Social media and quality full back links is great source for organic traffic.
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    As most experts recommend, stay away from Facebook - it is a waste of time, money and sanity

    The US, UK and Western Europe traffic that converts into sales the most is from Twitter

    Twitter is the business social network of the decade
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