Help! Twitter organic impressions down 25%

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Does anyone know why Twitter organic impressions would drop off? In July, my company received about 8,000 impressions. We normally get about 10,000 impressions.

I don't see anything else that changed. We still have the same number of followers, we did roughly the same number of posts (3-5 times per day), we posted the same type of content (mostly useful content such as white papers and videos, with only a small number of sales-oriented posts).

I don't see what could have changed or why the drop-off, but company execs are asking for answers. :-(
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    Blame it on Google. Last I heard, they're supposed to be indexing Twitter and eventually buying it. Those are rumors, of course, but I figure if you have to answer to execs and all...
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      Ohhhh, but why would that affect my company's Twitter impressions?
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    The first thing I would look at is your engagements - in particular your retweets. It may be that your retweets dropped which could lower your impressions dramatically. If that's the case check what you're sending out - has the quality dropped or the focus changed?
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    I concur to look at your engagements.

    Have retweets dropped off that you've noticed? Maybe your end users are less interested in your content by a 25% margin?

    Also, have you been getting NEW followers?

    What would happen if you went fishing in a pond... But never restocked the pond with new fish? Would you continually catch the same amount of fish? Or would you have to stock the pond?

    So what's the solution? How to increase engagements by 25% now that you're down 25%?

    One thing about Twitter, is that you can get high quality (and active) followers by following people who retweet, and comment on your competitor's tweets.

    (These are the followers you want... People who comment and retweet stuff all the time).
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