How to monetize on the Instagram username "@shirts"?

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So I have been wanting to start up my account @shirts on Instagram but I dont know where to begin. How would I even monetize such a username? Its too generic and broad.

Affiliates? Sponsorships?

Throw me any pointers you guys have please.

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    Maybe your own teespring campaigns?
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    grow it by posting cool shirts. I recommend starting out with female tops then try putting in male ones. you wont be able to make anything on it until you gain an audience. I looked at your avi on instagram right now and it needs to be changed. you need something that will resonate.

    The more you learn, the more you earn!

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      You can run monthly tee shirt contests that can go viral. teespring campaigns end but you maybe able to create a teespring store and sell them one at a time. I'm not sure if they offer that. If not you can use sunfrog.

      I do it by posting a pic with the shirt that has text on it that says enter to win this teeshirt for free and adding this to the comments: (I did a fitness teeshirt just recently so its still going on)

      5 FREE Tee Shirts Per Month ENTER To WIN!
      1. Go to @youraccount and on the most recent pic Tag 3-5 Friends or more who would like this Tee Shirt.

      MUST Follow the Account Below:
      2. Sign Up At Link In @youraccount BIO For More FREE Tee Contests. We'll be giving away totally free Fitness Tees every month. You gotta be in it to win it!
      3. Repost This Pic with these Instructions and Use Hashtags below. We will choose 5 people to WIN EACH Month from Hashtag #shirtsforfree354 - Go For It!
      #shirtsforfree354 #teespring #teeshirts #teeshirt #contest #freetee #freeteeshirt #fitness #fitnessaddict #fitnessmotivation #fitnessfreak #fitnessgirl #fitnessgear #fitlife #fitnesstees #bodybuilding #workout
      ************************************************** ************

      On number 1 you a tell them to tag their friends so your campaign gets more free exposure.

      On number 2 have them sign up to your squeeze page so you can email them other offers or remind them to enter to win. You should build your list at the same time for extra income from email marketing

      On number 3 you want to create a hashtag that is not in use so you can keep track of your contestants.

      I chose to give away 5 free tees per month so people feel they have a better chance of winning and 5 tees will cost me $100 per month approx. You can do just one of course.

      I'm promoting for just $9.95 per month by using so I have it running on autopilot.

      You should be able to go to Instagram hashtags like "contest" or "entertowin" and find other people doing contests to give you more ideas. I see people doing their contests differently.
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    Is there some sort of paid ads on Instragram like on Facebook?
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