how to earn money with fb profiles ?

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I have three fb accounts with 5k friend each.. Any ideas about using them to earn money ?
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    I can't deny that numbers is something important in making business.
    But numbers alone, doesn't make anything worth.

    Ok. Now, you have 15k friends.
    I assume, there are not the same people which say, all the 15k friends are solid.

    A little question for you.
    Who friends who?
    Do you add friends, or they add you?

    That is an important question, you know.

    Anyway, let think something that can benefit you.....

    Ok, here how it should go.
    1. Increase engagement with your friends.
    2. Engagement = trust, the more you engaged with people, the more trust you'll get
    3. People buy, when they trust.
    4. Update sharing post. Share something, that show your expertise.
    5. Let say, you want people to look at you as a top gun affiliate.
    6. The flow is : Share -> Show -> Sell
    -- Share
    ---- Share anything related to your expertise. ie, affiliate tips

    -- Show
    ---- Show proof of you are expert. ie, top 10 affiliate result with your name there

    -- Sell
    ----- Sell products related to your expertise. ie, "Affiliate Guide"

    Hope you get the big picture what I'm talking about
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      Yeah (y) thank you
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    you can use sharecash
    Or trialpay affiliate
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    In order to be successful in any type of marketing you must get people to Know you , Like you , and Trust you . This is easily accomplished through Facebook if you discuss things that you and your followers are passionate about .
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    Promote affliliate links and earn....
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    As said above, Social Media is all about creating relationship with people by posting engaging content. Now, posting only engaging posts aren't going to make you any money.
    So the question is, how to be able to engage people with your posts and in the same time advertise whatever you are advertising?
    Well, that's what I teach in this training.
    If you would like to know more strategies, please PM me. I will be glad sharing with you my other strategies.
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