How Social Media Marketing Really Works

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How can just about anyone use social media to drive thousand of views to any page?

I found this image to show you how social media should work with anyone in business.

step 1: Create content that is relevant and by doing this you are creating link bait that links back to pages on your website.

Step 2:Find information aggregators as well as distributors of information to link to your content.

Step 3: Convince Sally the socializer to inform their super large network of social media users about this awesome new resource he/she found.

The trick is influencing the influencers in your industry and not try to become the influencer overnight. Why become that person when you can leverage someone who already is there.

it's the 80/20 rule and you should apply this rule to everything. 20% for your effort will bring 80% of results and 20% of your customers will give you 80% of your income.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to make it to the top but until you get there just use other resources and people to help.

I'm going to leave you with this famous quote.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. Isaac Newton

Don't try to become the giant but stand on the shoulders of the giant and you will become even bigger.

Get a Business Loan (you don't need personal credit) and pay the money for other people to do the work.

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I hope this helped!


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    I don't think social marketing really work. It only help some....
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      Well the problem really is that people are being lazy and paying for likes and trying to broadcast to an audience that has nothing to do with there market.

      The idea is to find 1 influencer that is in your industry who has a large following.

      Let me show you what I mean Azhanidris

      If I'm trying to sell a E-book about woodworking I can head over to Facebook and look for people in that industry that are giants.

      Oh hey look at this!

      If you were to contact the people over at the woodworking enthusiasts community and ask the for a few guest posts for your amazing article!!!

      244,263 people are following them and I'm pretty sure if they made a few guest post for your article you would maybe get some serious traffic.

      Of course you maybe be asking random people who have no interest in your product or service and hoping they will buy...

      I have been in this game for a long time and one thing I have learned is you must learn to stand on the shoulder of Giants in order to get where you want to be.
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      Originally Posted by azhanidris View Post

      I don't think social marketing really work. It only help some....
      It certainly helps those who know what they are doing.
      Want a REAL Online Business That's Fun to Run?
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    That is a brilliant Idea .....I will apply that to my business . how do you find that type of link in Facebook , just under search ??


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    I see Facebook and Twitter do more than 80% of the work, so I focus mainly on them!
    I use theml and I redirect into my blog!

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    Definitely! Social Media is useful, especially Facebook and Twitter.
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    Social Media has value, only thing is: you should know how to bring value.

    Plan strategically, execute with all efforts and Bingo. You'll be a definitely winner!
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    This is how it should be. But as we all know it is not so easy to attract new clients and become popular on Social Media.
    Repucaution - brand reputation monitoring and social CRM

    Smintly - social media posting & reputation monitoring. Source code & white label program available
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    Social Media are Powerfull source of Increase Traffic and gain Business
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    An integral part of the sales process is getting to know your prospects and establishing relationships—and it turns out that social media can help you accomplish this quickly and easily.
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    I completely agree with this infographic'ish diagram.

    I see two types of socializers. Influencers and Advocates. Both need to be approached for a successful social media marketing.

    1) Influencer

    Who are they - Industry veterans with huge number of followers

    Engagement - Deep

    Content they post for you - Engaging and original content with their own view point

    Frequency of promoting - Low or as needed basis

    2) Advocates

    Who are they - Friends of your business - employees, partners, customers, who care
    about the success of your business

    Engagement - May not require deep engagement because they are in your network already

    Content they post for you - Mostly reposting your content to their valuable large networks. This will however have a better personal touch compared to sponsored ads.

    Frequency of promoting - Very high and on a regular basis
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    I have noticed this and I have been driving traffic subtly from forums in my niche. Good advice.
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