Does Social Signal Still Works ?

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Hi Folks,

I wish to know that does FB Likes/Share, Twitter Like/Share. Google+ Like/Share work as social signal for my site to improve page ranking?

Thanks in advance.

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    The jury is still out on that. Some say yes - others say no - even more say they don't know.

    I know one thing....

    At least two of Google's own documentation mentions social signals as ranking factors - one in particular being it's Human Quality Rater guide. (Can't remember the other one...)
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    Simple answer: Yes.

    Google search regards social signals as a validation of quality. I remember back in 2014 that Cutts assured us that Google doesn't place any weight on Twitter or Facebook social signals, but by mid-year 2015 it became evident that Facebook and Google-Plus signals carried strong weight, and indeed the most weight among competing socials. I'm boring even myself here.

    Long story not remotely short enough: Yes, and you want to concentrate on G+ and FB.

    - Tom

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    My opinion is YES. I haven't even worried about building backlinks but do work on social signals and I am ranking pretty well for the effort involved.

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    Simply put – a social signal is a link from someone’s social networking profile to your web page.

    If you were to click on the ‘like’ button next to this very blog post then you, my friend, have given me a ‘social signal’.

    Reason #1 – When you see a blog post and notice that 100 people decided to share your content across several social networks, you assume that it is content worth reading. You are essentially giving your visitors proof that you are important and an authority in this space.

    Reason #2– Google is increasingly rewarding websites for their social signals. Every single time Google updates its search algorithm it seems to add more weighting to them
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    One one word "YES"

    Social Signal Still Works
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