Have a facebook fan page for a famous MMA/UFC fighter with 37k likes how to make cash ?

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I started a facebook fan page for a UFC fighter I liked just for fun a few years ago, I post now and again but theres 37k likes on the page now is there any way of making some cash u guys can think of without being too spammy ?

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    Here are 2 options:

    Option 1. Create your own website based around that fighter or UFC in general and have Adsense and CPM ads on the site. You can also have ads for affiliate products- UFC gloves, apparel, etc...

    Option 2. Run ads for an affiliate network getting PPC revenue(MyLikes or Hashtag Ads)

    Creating your website would be the better option but would take more time to create short term revenue... but coming down to it 37,000 followers isn't that many. You should play for the long game by creating a legit website based around the UFC niche then drive traffic from your social page to it. Overtime you will start to get search traffic to the page increasing your overall page views and site revenue, this is if you are creating good enough content. I am assuming the UFC niche could be a crowded one so you are going to have to do something to standout.

    It will take a while but it will be the best way to create a profit long term profit from your 37,000 likes.

    Also, try to collect users email addresses from your site this way you have another way to market to them that isn't dependent on a social/search platform.
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    32K is a good number of followers. Like JCVero said, the most legit way would be to create a wordpress blog about that fighter and put there ads. Also if this fighter is still active and have fights going on, you can see if you can get a affiliate link for the ticket of that match so you can also make money by that way.
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    post UFC affiliated merchendise deals for them.. UFC tshirts etc.

    just my 2 cents

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    I run a Women's MMA page on Facebook. I also have a website.

    Look at your audience insights to see when your audience is online most often. Then preschedule posts to go out at the 3 most high traffic times.

    Do that for a couple weeks and see what your peeps engage with the most.

    Then post more of that stuff.

    Keep doing this until you know what whips them into an engagement frenzy (time it to coincide with UFC events).

    You should also be building your website. Once your fans are whipped into a frenzy, post a link back to your website. Make sure it's awesome content. Have email capture set up. Adsense or affiliate offers too.

    You'll get a bunch of targeted traffic to your site and will make money from adsense/affiliate and get email subscribers.

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    I would look for affiliate offers, but also build out a site/blog- as others have suggested. While you can run affiliate offers through Facebook, your site could be monetized better, IMHO.

    I have a similar thing going on, except it's wrestling. I try to maximize traffic to my own site by mixing in content that has the most engagement on social media with my own articles and offers. Then I boost and test ads on links to my site.

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    Thanks for the great ideas guys ! I`m going to build a blog to go with the facebook page but I`m not sure to build it around the actual fighter or just MMA/UFC in general what would you guys do ?

    Thanks so much
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    Research/test and find out what you should do.

    As for me, I would not make the blog about the fighter. That would be too specific, so don't have much room to talk about other things. If it's about UFC/MMA you could talk about other fighters, techniques, celebrities...all kinds of relevant stuff with more money potential.
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