Facebook ppc WORST support ever

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So I got my ads account disabled lately.
I was trying some dropshipping method and promoting tangible goods with fb ads.
Ive contacted them following that link they have when you get that red message in your account.
First time they told me it was disabled because of complaints from too many users.
Contacted them again asking which complaints.
Second time they said it was because Ive tried to promote making money online programs.
The fact is I did have in my account a few old mmo ads ive tried to run in the past.
But that was like a year ago. and ive stopped those ads and didn't run them since then.
And my account was active for a lot of time since then.
So basically they just give me bs answers.
Maybe their system just now saw these stopped campaigns and thats why it was disabled.
Pretty lame.
Worst support ever seriously.

The thing is i need fb ads for some local biz and a new page i wanna start.
Can't use for this bing because not many people use it in our country.
Is there any other solution to this besides trying another fb profile ?
I wonder if i can create a new page from a new profile, and make my current personal profile as a second admin.
Or will their system catch up on this and disable the ads account in the new profile aswell ?
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    I created a new account with a different payment method. If you have a business, could you set up a new bank account for business (which you'd want to do anyway) and then use the card from that or create a new PayPal account from that?
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    You could make another profile, but it's technically against TOS and it could be shut down. I find it hard to predict anything with them. If I were to do that, I would probably keep it separate from anything else and be prepared to authenticate any profile with ID documents, phone security, Friend picture matches, etc.

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      Originally Posted by JohnCosmos View Post

      Friend picture matches, etc.
      Funny story! I had a friend who purchased a FB account off Fiverr. It was ready made with thousands of friends. He got locked out one day and had to do the friend picture match. Needless to say, he never got back in! He never knew any of the people!
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