How To 187 A Facebook Campaign!

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I know what you're thinking...

"Here's another Facebook Speech about marketing and I've already been there and done that and it didn't work."

Don't worry! it's only because you didn't take the time to do it the right way.

Let's be honest, most people who'll read this article will spend maybe 10 minutes trying a few different tactics and won't take the time to read a few books about doing it the right way.

Instead of lecturing you on your lack of marketing knowledge, I'll give you an exact formula that has been incredibly successful with my customers for a while now.

My secret weapon is using highly converting opt-in forms and the power of Facebook Advertising.

They have tools that allow the user to find highly engaging prospects at exactly the right time. According to Facebook, if you compare FB to other online advertisers the avg reach is 38% with competition and 89% with Facebook.

Facebook allows the following filters for searching for the right audience.

Advanced targeting
Audience reach


Target by radius from a city
Exclude locations


Facebook knows how old you are, what sex you are and all other information you've ever shared with the public. I'm not saying everyone likes this idea, but for marketing, it works very well!

If you're looking to target "Tanning Supplies" you can use the example below.

Example: You're trying to promote "tanning supplies" to young women around spring break. You can target women from 18-25 years of age and offer them your products.

This is by far the best feature to use while trying to find the right audience.

Interests targeting can find an audience by interests, hobbies and pages they already like on their facebook page.

Facebook will look for interests from the information that they have added to their timeline feature. This powerhouse of a marketing platform can search for keywords in it's database associated with the pages they like or apps that they have used in the past.

It's been said that Facebook soon will offer a tool that'll actually allow us to target by websites and apps your audience is using or has used in the past.


Behaviors on facebook are simply the activities that your audience is engaged into both on and offline.

Facebook uses third-party partners to gather data about what people purchase, intents, travel preferences and anything else it can snatch.

If you know how to use the information correctly, you can build an inbox full of leads of highly interested buyers.

Advanced Targeting

If you have 100 customers that have ordered from your website then Facebook can advertise to them for future sales. You have 3 options here

custom Audiences
Lookalike Audiences
Custom audiences from your website

A custom audience can be uploaded onto Facebook from a spreadsheet.

You can securely upload a contact list of people that you believe have an interest in your product or service.

A Lookalike audience would be a list of individuals that are similar to your customers. This can be huge! If you make a sale and Facebook picks up on that customer's FB page then it can harvest some pretty important data to help you gain more customers.

Custom audiences from your site

You can continue to market to people who have already seen your website. When it comes to branding this is something I would highly recommend.

I really hope this will help you draw your own conclusions about marketing on FaceBook. The fact is FB is more accurate than anything else on the web. If you don't know what you're doing then that's fine, but don't blame one of the best marketing platforms on the planet!!!

Dominate Your Facebook Marketing by using the tips in this article!
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    The most important factor there is BEHAVIOR AND GEO-LOCATION

    People constantly lie on profiles

    Don't trust what people SAY.

    Focus on what they DO.
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    I have read a lot lately and there seems to be a big community of people suggesting to invest in facebook ads for advertising a service. it looks like you can profit big there, I will try to look into advertising, I was just put aback a while ago when attempting to advertise and needing to have more than a certain amount like, 3000 a month to get a rep on the line.

    Either or I have heard a lot of stories of positive results.
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      The key is to know who your audience is! The tool's can narrow your selection to just a few qualifying people. I spent $500 before I knew about the tools and now I have been killing it on conversions! 50% opt-in and the leads are gold.
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    I've been learning facebook ads and I've always read Interests are most important... I've tried behaviors with selling shirts... no luck. I'm still learning though, nice post!
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    You can add there ==> retargeting the people who clicked on your ad but did not convert.

    They are GEMS because they have sure interest of your product but for some reason they were not able to go through (ex. power or internet interruption, received important calls, attend to a very important matter, etc..)
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