How do you get free traffic from Facebook?

by ncloud
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I keep hearing about people who are killing it on Facebook. Not just paid traffic, but with free traffic too. It sounds like a lot of internet marketers are using Facebook as a traffic source these days.

But, I just don't see how you could get much free traffic from Facebook. I understand that it's like the most visited site on the internet, but who goes to facebook and does a search for businesses? Do people actually do that?

Or do they search for keywords like they do in Google? How does that work?

I guess the reason I can't see how it could be a good source of free traffic is because I don't think I have ever ended up on someone's Facebook fan page myself - like ever.

Come to think of it, I don't see how you get paid traffic from Facebook either. I know you can advertise on there and boost posts or whatever, but how does Facebook get those ads or posts in front of people's eyes? I don't think I've ever seen any ads or post on Facebook.

I guess I figured that most people use Facebook to connect and make friends, not to do searches and find businesses. Am I wrong?
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    people do connect and make friends but if you want to create even much traffic on facebook there are only two waya. paid and free..

    personal account
    facebook page
    facebook group

    facebook has the easiest way to find targeted people of a niche you require. you can narrow it down to exactly the crowd you want and even age bracket and interests. that way you can create alot of traffic to your sales page or even facebook page.

    after acquiring likes for a facebook page you can then continue marketing to the same people whom you narrowed down and ended up going to your opt in page/website bjt through your facebook ad.

    when you create a facebook ad you assign a facebook page you own to represent the ad. so before they click your ad they see your facebook page hence they like your page and also visit your website. facebook groups apart from pages also have alot of traffic that can be driven to ylur website.

    Thats how many people are getting alot of traffic from facebook.

    pm me i could hook you up with some great resources on facebook marketing
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    One can get paid traffic from FB by buying ads.

    Look at the right column or anything that says "sponsored" that's an ad, there are lots there.

    A lot of my business comes from FB ads, I love them!
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    I keep hearing that it is almost impossible to get your content shown to your fans and their friends on Facebook anymore without paying the Company big advertising bucks first.

    Really? I must be missing something!

    I am not here to brag and I am not here to say I have a secret formula that I invented that only I can use. You can do this too. What I do know is that it IS still possible to get staggering amounts of your content seen on Facebook without paying them a single penny for advertising

    I did it for free!

    That is correct. I did not spend a single dime on Facebook advertising to get these results.

    Got lucky? Nope! I have had 32 posts in the last 90 days with unpaid reach (reach/#fans) and engagement rates (people talking about/#fans) over 100%. The current Facebook averages for those stats are 6% and 2 %.

    Five of those posts went "viral" (organic reach over 1 million) and two went "super viral" (organic reach over 10 million).
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    well, i have never made a damn for many years during other online biz, my first,second and third earning was was FB.
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    Make business page , add more & more groups, post fresh and ethical post with good content.
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    Keeping fresh and unique content streaming on your Facebook page is huge. Posting about your product and services is great, but sharing a link/video that is relevant to your target audience can help pull people in. Having a page that is well maintained shows that your brand is easily reached and sharing high-quality content shows your worth.
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    I think you need to make your FB page more popular.

    - The best way to do that is to post regularly ... with quality content.
    - Invite your friends and families to support it
    - Keep on finding people who are relevant to your niche and add them ... but do NOT spam ... send them friend requests ... and invite them to LIKE your page, if they approve!
    - Give away something for FREE ... but ask them to LIKE the page first!
    - Join "groups" where you can contribute. Find groups that are relevant to your interest/hobbies ... NOT about a niche you are in ... because you will have many things to contribute and you will contribute genuine comments there ... and adding values!
    - Join several other social media and post all your URLs there, including FB!

    Hope this helps!

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    If you are posting really good content direct selling then also use other Social Media channels like Twitter, Google+ etc. Engage - build trust and friendship = Sales!

    Good luck,
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    Facebook Ads are a fast method to get a lot pof traffic.

    If you are meaning to get traffic for free you must work with your profile and with your page!
    you must be social in order to get visitors and like:

    you must post quality status, videos and photos

    try to interact with comments and also cghat with member!

    in this way your popularity will grow up!

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    Best way to get free traffic from FB? The old group-posting method! People are still spamming groups like crazy on FB now, and the way I see it - it's working pretty well. Some guys added 10 -20 daily leads to their list just by posting on groups. To be honest I don't like this method at all - unless there's a way to automate it because posting to 100 - 200 groups per day in exchange for just a few leads is totally not worth it for me
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